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Bookstagrammers: the Insta tribe keeping it real on social media

ellen degeneres.jpg

Ellen DeGeneres returning to stand-up comedy with Netflix special

ariana grande.jpg

10-year-old survivor’s letter to Ariana Grande is beyond beautiful

Mary Poppins.PNG

Fathers pay more attention to daughters than sons, new study shows

ramadan restaurants london.JPG

Ramadan: The best places to break your fast in London

These London restaurants provide late night openings and special iftar menus

Viking Bay.jpg

Clean and beautiful beaches close to London

Golden sands less than two hours from the capital

by Anna Brech

Today's highlights

samantha baines.JPG

Samantha Baines: “It’s time to leave our vaginas the hell alone”

pineapple bag.jpg

This epic new handbag range is made from pineapple leaves


It’s official: this easy email hack is guaranteed to boost read rates


Fuel for the soul: why holidays boost your creativity


Men are totally devastated by this women-only Wonder Woman screening


Relax: Amazon’s new wedding shop has arrived


How to write a short story: our essential guide to getting published

Your essential writer's workshop

by The Stylist web team

Talking politics and life lessons with Caitlin Moran

(and meeting her adorable new puppy)

News and views

dog news blooper.JPG

Dog breaks into studio to help reporter read the news


Susan Sarandon’s ageing tips are as excellent as you’d expect

Alexandra Raisman.jpg

“Get over yourself”: gymnast hits back at stranger who judged her arms

blake lively (3).jpg

Blake Lively is set to star in her own version of Big Little Lies

nepal period teen taboo.jpg

Fighting for their rights: the heroic teens battling period taboos


This week's style list: from Annie Warhol to chandelier earrings

britishterrorthreat tweets.jpg

Twitter responds to terror threat level the only way it knows how

jon snow.jpg

Game of Thrones fans, the trailer for season 7 is finally here...

balenciaga dog.JPG

Five items in your wardrobe that were inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga

stephen jones manchester attack.PNG

Homeless man who helped injured in Manchester attack offered rent

theresa may.jpg

Millions of people won’t be able to elect a female MP this election

100 year old twins.JPG

Twin sisters celebrate 100th birthday with fabulous photo shoot

Harriet_Katy_Spain 2.jpg

Meet the woman walking 2,500 miles in memory of her best friend

"It's a love letter to Harriet from me, because I couldn’t tell her myself."

by Sarah Biddlecombe

From the magazine

jackson and levine stylist interview.png

The secret to a successful business marriage


Lucy Mangan is sick of everyone quizzing her about her gender


Anne Hathaway talks career mistakes, relationships and her new film


“Why is it so hard to get my afro hair cut?”


How to turn your recipe collection into a bestselling book

Talking points

Carey & Lois 02.jpg

Women, tattoos and body ownership


Inside the world of female football fans

ryan gosling feminist.jpg

“No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the feminist fight”

ridget jones thong.jpg

Why we should all wear men's underwear

jenni murray feminism.jpg

Jenni Murray: I wish I'd never changed my name after marriage


Why dogs should be allowed in every office

Big & small escapes

sarajevo street free walking city guide.jpg

From Sarajevo to Rome, free walking tours in European cities


Britain's best seafood escapes

catalonia villa group friend holiday.JPG

Ten stunning locations for the perfect holiday with friends


Nine ways to make your holiday more eco-friendly

iran ladies marathon karin brogtrop beekman.jpg

The women who ran a secret marathon in Tehran

megan and tocco airbnb 2.jpg

Meet the couples who fell in love on Airbnb