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This is how your friends’ bad moods can affect your own mental health

black dog syndrome battersea greyhounds not adopted rescue.jpeg

The sad reason this type of rescue dog is the most overlooked


Will & Grace fans, Debra Messing's character has changed in a big way


The supermarket coat stealing hearts on Instagram (and it’s only £25)

best presents new mum cancer chemo miscarriage bereaved.jpg

The best possible gifts for when flowers aren’t going to cut it

17 unusual and thoughtful gifts for when the s**t hits the fan

by Amy Swales
Tiffany Hsu.jpg

Bring on the bum bag, Fashion Week's must-have accessory of the moment

A one-time tourist stalwart gets a high-fashion makeover

by Anna Brech

Today's highlights

what is diabulimia.jpg

What is diabulimia? The dangerous disorder in need of a spotlight


Women have a new word for that annoying thing your male colleague does


NASA just paid tribute to Hidden Figures' Katherine Johnson


Instagram creates automatic Facebook post saying “I will rape you”


This Netflix horror about ghostly ex revenge is perfect Halloween TV

ellen degeneres bans trump.JPG

Ellen DeGeneres has officially banned Donald Trump from her TV show

reading to be brave.jpg

15 books that taught us to have courage and be kind

“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad”

by Kayleigh Dray

Breakfast with Victoria Beckham

On the final day of London Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham invites Stylist to take a first look at her new collection... And Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger bring Fashion Week to a spectacular close.

News and views

jessica ennis baby name.jpg

Jessica Ennis-Hill unveils baby girl’s incredibly trendy name

Gigi Hadid.jpg

The magic and the mayhem: candid backstage photos from Fashion Week

street style 1.jpg

Street style highlights from Milan Fashion Week


What the Stylist team are wearing at Fashion Week


History's greatest supers join Donatella Versace in moving tribute

britney spears.png

All the best A-list Instagrams from the week so far


This Battle of the Sexes legend wants you to STOP asking about McEnroe


“The real reason we should all be upset about Uber”


There's a huge sherbet fountain coming to London - and it's free

ricky and morty sexist writers.jpg

Rick and Morty creator responds to sexist trolling of female writers

millennials (1).jpg

Why millennial women are the most powerful generation ever

These “lazy, entitled snowflakes” are shaping the future for everyone else

by Sarah Biddlecombe

From the magazine


How it feels to live on Guam, an island under constant nuclear threat


“The curl unravelled: how I found my unique afro type”

17.07.04_STYLIST_BILLIE_PIPER_S04_108 copy.jpg

Billie Piper on feminism, fear and her first love

Talking points

Carey & Lois 02.jpg

Women, tattoos and body ownership


Inside the world of female football fans

ryan gosling feminist.jpg

“No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the feminist fight”

ridget jones thong.jpg

Why we should all wear men's underwear

jenni murray feminism.jpg

Jenni Murray: I wish I'd never changed my name after marriage


Why dogs should be allowed in every office

Big & small escapes

Demi Tunni 3.JPG

Britain's most unusual and unique wedding venues


Why I won't let fear stop me from travelling alone as a woman


Revel in Britain's most luxurious spa retreats


7 beautiful private islands you might actually be able to afford

travel hero.PNG

Meet Instagram's most inspiring solo female travellers

(sorcha murray) suzy parker new zealand.jpg

What career? Meet the 31-year-old woman who backpacks the world