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11 travel booking hacks that could score you a first class seat


These are THE most annoying buzzwords used in the office


The scientific reason why twenty-somethings cheat on their partners


An espresso martini festival is coming to the UK this summer


“Why I risked my life to convert to Zoroastrianism”

As the influence of ISIS spreads, women in Iraqi Kurdistan are converting to an ancient religion that preaches gender equality

by Corinne Redfern
Anxiety (2).jpg

12 ways to tackle anxiety at your desk in under 10 minutes

Women are twice as likely to be affected by anxiety than men in the work place

by Megan Murray

Today's highlights

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The best A-list Instagrams from the week so far


Why Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend crashed a stranger’s wedding


We finally know when Wonder Woman 2 will be out in cinemas


5 of your Facebook friends are psychopaths – but which ones?


How a 'coffee nap' can supercharge your work day


This grandad just won the internet with his adorable emoji cheat sheet


How to write a short story: our essential guide to getting published

Your essential writer's workshop

by The Stylist web team

Talking politics and life lessons with Caitlin Moran

(and meeting her adorable new puppy)

News and views


This summer bronzer is the make-up product everyone's obsessing over


Helen Mirren’s on-point career advice is the best you’ll ever hear


Emoji Movie spoofs The Handmaid’s Tale – and the internet is furious


Chrissy Teigen just got blocked by President Trump on Twitter

Susan Sarandon life advice quotes.jpg

Susan Sarandon’s life advice for these dark and troubled times


You should read what this woman has to say about her ex’s girlfriend


So this is why Disney villains always die in the same way


Lucy Mangan: we should “think twice” before considering porn harmless


Adele’s make-up artist just shared his ultimate beauty hack

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Still on Facebook? It might be because you enjoy judging your friends


New Margaret Atwood TV series makes a big point about women and media


Donald Trump shuts down female reporter in the most disrespectful way

Harriet_Katy_Spain 2.jpg

Meet the woman walking 2,500 miles in memory of her best friend

"It's a love letter to Harriet from me, because I couldn’t tell her myself."

by Sarah Biddlecombe

From the magazine


“I have my demons”: Neelam Gill on racism, modelling and mental health


This week’s Style List: jewels, summer scents and statement towels


Girl interrupted: how to handle people always talking over you

Talking points

Carey & Lois 02.jpg

Women, tattoos and body ownership


Inside the world of female football fans

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“No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the feminist fight”

ridget jones thong.jpg

Why we should all wear men's underwear

jenni murray feminism.jpg

Jenni Murray: I wish I'd never changed my name after marriage


Why dogs should be allowed in every office

Big & small escapes

sarajevo street free walking city guide.jpg

From Sarajevo to Rome, free walking tours in European cities


Britain's best seafood escapes

catalonia villa group friend holiday.JPG

Ten stunning locations for the perfect holiday with friends


Nine ways to make your holiday more eco-friendly

iran ladies marathon karin brogtrop beekman.jpg

The women who ran a secret marathon in Tehran

megan and tocco airbnb 2.jpg

Meet the couples who fell in love on Airbnb