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Everything you need to know about alkaline hydrolysis

chilled white wine hack.jpg

How to chill a bottle of white wine in less than 3 minutes

detachable jean shorts opening ceremony 1.jpg

Summer looks like jeans that turn into shorts

viral text.jpg

Badass woman schools male co-worker over sexist promotion text


Pippa Middleton’s wedding: all the pictures

The gown, the guests, the royal bridal party

nhs hospital volunteer.jpg

Why volunteering in the NHS changed my life

And how it could transform yours, too

by Stylist

Today's highlights

bride male friends photoshoot.jpg

Bride’s wedding shoot with male bridesmaids goes viral

mean girls.png

This is how you decide what to eat for lunch

girls hannah jessa.jpeg

How to tell if your friendship is failing - and how to fix it

avolatte video 1.PNG

This is an avocado filled with coffee because the avolatte is upon us

jessica chastain.jpg

Daily outfit inspiration with our look at the best dressed A-listers


A Mamma Mia sequel is on its way – complete with the original cast


How to write a short story: our essential guide to getting published

Your essential writer's workshop

by The Stylist web team

Talking politics and life lessons with Caitlin Moran

(and meeting her adorable new puppy)

News and views

first dtaes.jpg

The reason this First Dates clip is racking up millions of vies

Pippa Middleton.jpg

A closer look at Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress

sologamy uk marry yourself.jpg

Why do people marry themselves? The rise of the sologamist wedding

paddle boarding.PNG

Cancer survivor becomes first woman to paddle board the Channel solo


This woman's incredible advice to millennials has gone viral

pink pineapple edible patent.jpg

Pink pineapples could soon be brightening up your breakfast


So it looks like Instagram could be really bad for your mental health

Norfolk bacchus white wine.PNG

This £13 Norfolk wine has been named one of the world’s best


Why everybody is talking about Netflix’s controversial new film

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.41.40.png

The goth latte is here to redefine black coffee for 2017


Part of the brain that causes fear identified by scientists

dark crystal netflix series.jpg

Netflix is bringing The Dark Crystal back as a prequel

Harriet_Katy_Spain 2.jpg

Meet the woman walking 2,500 miles in memory of her best friend

"It's a love letter to Harriet from me, because I couldn’t tell her myself."

by Sarah Biddlecombe

From the magazine

jackson and levine stylist interview.png

The secret to a successful business marriage


Lucy Mangan is sick of everyone quizzing her about her gender


Anne Hathaway talks career mistakes, relationships and her new film


“Why is it so hard to get my afro hair cut?”


How to turn your recipe collection into a bestselling book

Talking points

Carey & Lois 02.jpg

Women, tattoos and body ownership


Inside the world of female football fans

ryan gosling feminist.jpg

“No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the feminist fight”

ridget jones thong.jpg

Why we should all wear men's underwear

jenni murray feminism.jpg

Jenni Murray: I wish I'd never changed my name after marriage


Why dogs should be allowed in every office

Big & small escapes

sarajevo street free walking city guide.jpg

From Sarajevo to Rome, free walking tours in European cities


Britain's best seafood escapes

catalonia villa group friend holiday.JPG

Ten stunning locations for the perfect holiday with friends


Nine ways to make your holiday more eco-friendly

iran ladies marathon karin brogtrop beekman.jpg

The women who ran a secret marathon in Tehran

megan and tocco airbnb 2.jpg

Meet the couples who fell in love on Airbnb