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This Princess Bride revelation will make you see the film in a new way

jennifer lawrence weight loss naked lineup film.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence was forced into a naked line-up by a producer

abigail breslin domestic violence ptsd post.jpg

Abigail Breslin’s photo reveals how domestic abuse can stay with you


Courtney Love tried to warn us about Harvey Weinstein in 2005


“Why Liar is proof that TV's depiction of rape is damaging to women”

The proliferation of rape in TV and film is a real problem for the representation of women

by Harriet Hall

Nigella Lawson reveals why red is the ultimate foodie colour

As she tracks her gastronomic love affair with all things crimson

by Kayleigh Dray

Today's highlights

Reese Witherspoon sexual assault director harvey weinstein.jpg

Reese Witherspoon says she was sexually assaulted at 16 by a director


Hillary Clinton praises NHS after receiving medical treatment in UK

sophie turner maisie williams.JPG

Maisie Williams’ response to Sophie Turner’s engagement is perfect


Say hello to the Zara boots taking over Instagram this autumn

america ferrera.jpg

America Ferrera reveals she was sexually assaulted as a 9-year-old

reading to be brave.jpg

15 books that taught us to have courage and be kind

“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad”

by Kayleigh Dray

Men recreate iconic make-up looks

Watch as the men in our office try (and fail) to create a winged eye and a spot of contouring

News and views

ella eyre.png

The best A-list Instagrams from the weekend


What is perspecticide and could it be happening in your relationship?


You're more likely to get better service on a plane if you sit here


Here’s why your NHS doctor may ask you about your sexuality


Big Bang Theory star faces fierce criticism for Harvey Weinstein op-ed


UK police investigate 5 sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein


Kate Hudson’s brilliant comment in response to seeking male approval

kate winslet weinstein oscars speech.jpg

Kate Winslet defied boss when she left Weinstein out of Oscars speech

evan rachel wood.jpg

Evan Rachel Wood wants you to know why she hasn’t named her rapists

millennials (1).jpg

Why millennial women are the most powerful generation ever

These “lazy, entitled snowflakes” are shaping the future for everyone else

by Sarah Biddlecombe

From the magazine

haim hero.jpg

The Haim sisters talk family values, house parties and loving London


Russell Brand on fatherhood, recovery and his promiscuous past


This week's Style List: from beautiful interiors to classic jewellery

Talking points

Carey & Lois 02.jpg

Women, tattoos and body ownership


Inside the world of female football fans

ryan gosling feminist.jpg

“No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the feminist fight”

ridget jones thong.jpg

Why we should all wear men's underwear

jenni murray feminism.jpg

Jenni Murray: I wish I'd never changed my name after marriage


Why dogs should be allowed in every office

Big & small escapes

Demi Tunni 3.JPG

Britain's most unusual and unique wedding venues


Why I won't let fear stop me from travelling alone as a woman


Revel in Britain's most luxurious spa retreats


7 beautiful private islands you might actually be able to afford

travel hero.PNG

Meet Instagram's most inspiring solo female travellers

(sorcha murray) suzy parker new zealand.jpg

What career? Meet the 31-year-old woman who backpacks the world