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Amy Swales

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Amy Swales is a freelance writer who likes to eat, drink and talk about her dog. She will continue to plunder her own life and the lives of her loved ones for material in the name of comedy, catharsis and getting pictures of her dog on the internet.

Bodyform period blood advert video bloodnormal campaign.jpg

The new sanitary towel advert finally showing RED period blood

gbbo who left week 8 forgotten bakes liam charles.jpg

We really need to talk about what happened on Bake Off

jennifer lawrence weight loss naked lineup film.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence was forced into a naked line-up by a producer

Reese Witherspoon sexual assault director harvey weinstein.jpg

Reese Witherspoon says she was sexually assaulted at 16 by a director

Kate Beckinsale Harvey Weinstein Teenager.jpg

Kate Beckinsale: Weinstein “couldn’t remember” if he’d assaulted me

Cara Delevingne Harvey Weinstein.jpg

Cara Delevingne says Weinstein wanted her kiss a woman in front of him

Indiana Jones mansplaining costume designer facebook jeopardy.jpg

Don’t try and mansplain a film’s wardrobe to its costume designer

best bar world savoy uk london.jpg

2017’s best bar in the world is right here in the UK

Rose McGowan Matt Damon Harvey Weinstein reaction allegations.jpg

Rose McGowan addresses the men of Hollywood following Weinstein claims

model threats hair legs adidas.jpg

Adidas model gets rape threats over hairy leg photographs

lena dunham harvey weinstein.jpg

Lena Dunham on the importance of sharing the Weinstein allegations