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Anna Brech

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Anna Brech is a freelance journalist and former editor for stylist.co.uk. Her six-year stint on the site saw her develop a vociferous appetite for live Analytics, feminist opinion and good-quality gin in roughly equal measure. She enjoys writing across all areas of women’s lifestyle content but has a soft spot for books and escapist travel content.

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Act of dignity: US beautician gives free haircuts to the homeless


Tinder sends near-miss couple on epic date to Hawaii

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Channel 4 exec denies rumours of a rift between new Bake Off team

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This one reading habit could boost your happiness levels


Say what? Mermaid gin is actually a thing

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Do you suffer from Rushing Woman Syndrome?


Move over, gin: white port and tonic is the drink of the moment

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Lost manuscript discovered in home of Where The Wild Things Are author

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Hollywood directors ‘speculate over who to have sex with in auditions’


This Japanese formula for happiness is intriguingly simple


Smart women are freezing their eggs over ‘lack of educated men’: study

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Wimbledon star: ‘strong’ women can compete pregnant and return as mums