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Harriet Hall

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Harriet Hall is Stylist’s Head of Digital Features and Presenter. She specialises in fashion and feminism, and edits the Ask a Feminist column. Follow her escapades on Twitter: @harri_grace  and Instagram: @harrigrace11.

women-only carriages.jpg

“Proposals for women-only carriages are ignorant and retrogressive”


5 reasons you have to watch Jodie Whittaker’s BBC One drama, Trust Me

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From banned to summer staple: the controversial history of the bikini


The latest H&M designer collaboration is here and it's fit for a royal

blue peter anniversary.jpg

“Blue Peter's ratings are plummeting but I will always love it”

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Stylist meets Jeremy Corbyn

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Five items in your wardrobe that were inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga

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5 reasons you have to watch BBC One’s latest drama, Three Girls


Why sometimes less is more when it comes to self-promotion

less alcohol consumption.jpg

Boozy Britain? Not anymore, according to this new survey

indian bride paddle.jpg

Brides in India given paddles to beat abusive husbands away

London taci cab drivers male female sexist questions.jpg

Watch: we ask male cabbies the sexist things women are subjected to