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Kayleigh Dray

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Kayleigh Dray is deputy editor of Stylist.co.uk, where she chases after rogue apostrophes and specialises in films, comic books, feminism, and television. On a weekend, you can usually find her drinking copious amounts of tea and playing boardgames with her friends. 

offglen handmaid tale fate.png

Handmaid’s Tale fans, here’s what really happens to Ofglen in the book


Serial fans, Adnan Syed has been given a second chance in court

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White House responds to claims the Queen “snubbed” President Trump

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Ellen DeGeneres catches audience member stealing, publicly shames her

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First Dates fans respond to “shocking” mansplaining incident

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We bloody love Kate Beckinsale’s hilarious Manspreading Action Plan


Prince Harry is still haunted by memories of Princess Diana’s funeral

anniversary love serenade.jpg

This video of a 90-year-old man serenading his wife will make you cry

black coffee.png

Black coffee lovers, science says you're more likely to be psychopaths

courtney cox.jpg

Courteney Cox thanks friends for helping her embrace “natural” face

gay pride love.JPG

Show these photos to anyone who thinks being gay is “just a phase”

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Michelle Obama has the best advice for you and your girlfriends