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Armpit tattoo designs are here to inspire you

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Women are going on an amazing journey to expand the creative ownership over their bodies, and the ever-increasing diversity in tattoo design is of no exception.

Whether it’s botanical tattoos, helix or finger designs, or even artwork inspired by children’s books, there’s a divine range of inky options out there to inspire us. 

Cue the armpit ink trend taking over Instagram –  which boasts a beautiful range of bold floral designs nestled under the armpit.

Okay, so getting tattooed under your armpit is a painful procedure, but judging by the artwork, these beautiful designs are making us think that it could be all worth it.

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And of course, these designs are an ideal medium to make a feminist statement. Prickly cactus, anyone?


According to a YouGov poll, around a fifth of adults in the UK have tattoos. An age-old tradition, the history of body ink is said to date back to Neolithic times.

In a recent surge, the population of Manchester have used body art to create a token of solidarity within the city.

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The worker bee tattoo, which has been the symbol of the city since the Industrial Revolution, has seen customers of all ages lining up outside tattooist’s doors to have the insect inked.

“I’ve never had a tattoo in my life. But I just know I had to have it done,” said 80-year-old grandmother Ann Banks to the BBC. “I was [scared] when it started off. And I thought I wasn’t going to see it through, to tell you the truth. Oh crikey! It jolly well hurt.”

And if a tattoo is good enough for an 80-year-old, it’s good enough for us.

Photos: Instagram


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