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People are obsessed with this £2.25 beauty product - but not for the reason you'd expect


If you aren’t familiar with the Avon beauty product that’s had the whole internet talking, it looks like you need to be – and for more reasons than one.

The cosmetic giant’s Skin So Soft Spray has been an old faithful for the brand since the sixties, acting as a staple part of their range of silky, smooth products.

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Coming in a standard 100ml size, the spray-on dry oil is designed to help lock in skin’s moisture after showering or bathing, while giving it a delicate scent. The product has been praised for avoiding sticky residue, despite containing both natural and jojoba oils – something which has made fans of Skin So Soft Spray all over the world.

In fact, Avon consider the spray to be their number one best seller, and no wonder: a bottle of the stuff sells every ten seconds in the UK.


40-million bottles have been sold since it was first introduced to the world back in 1961

And you don’t have to go far to see how well-loved the product is. On the Avon website, customer reviews are positively glowing. 

One writes, “I hate the feeling of oil. However, if you do like it this is perfect. It leaves you very soft and great for dry skin.”

“Non-sticky, non-greasy, great smelling and easy to apply,” adds another. “Applied it last night and skin felt baby soft this morning.”

So far, so good. But it turns out the velvety texture of the dry oil isn’t the only reason people are loving the spray: in fact, it has a secret use which fans are positively obsessed with.

Are you ready for this? It’s also an incredibly effective insect repellent.

Oh yes, we’re serious. If going on holiday and getting bitten all over by mosquitos is your worst nightmare, then a bottle of this stuff could just be the answer to your prayers. Apparently, all you need is a couple of squirts to leave you feeling soft, smelling great and completely bite free.

Avon customers have been privy to the secret for a while, with many sharing the happy coincidence in reviews and on Twitter.

One customer on the Avon website wrote, “This product is fantastic to avoid big bites. We were in Rhodes recently and left a bottle with the waiter who was being bitten every night. After skin so soft no more bites.”

Another agreed, “Have been using SSS original for a few years now and it is amazing. Not only excellent insect repellent but smelt beautiful too.”

Social media users have also been keen to pass on the cosmetic hack, with many tweeting about the bug bite defying nature of the spray.

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One Twitter user wrote, “The best thing to use for bug repellent is Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil by Avon. It works very well. Won't kill the kids over time!”

Another said, “I don't care what anyone says. Skin so soft body oil stuff by Avon is the best bug repellent ever. I will always use that on my horse.”

So, if you’re going on holiday and looking to make your money go further, try out this clever beauty product with a double use.

Even better, the usual £5 price is currently down to £2.25 on the Avon website: now that’s what we call a bargain.

Images: Avon / iStock



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