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Instagram is obsessed with these nostalgic noughties bath bombs


Right now, nothing seems to bring us more joy than a bath bomb. Those little orbs of effervescence are having a moment, and we just can’t get enough.

So, when we heard that some nostalgia-genius’ out there have been fusing two of our favourite trends, we were right on board – and it looks like bath time will never be the same.

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Cosmopolitan reports that bath bomb queens, Loquita Bath and Body, have launched a range that expertly recreates pinnacle aspects of every millennial’s childhood. Their fizzing bathroom must-haves have been shaped into icons of the 00s, including a troll doll, Nokia 3310 mobile phone, Casper the Friendly Ghost and so much more.

Troll doll bath bomb scented in sweet grape! #trolldoll #trolldolljewels #troll #trolls #bathbomb #bathbombs #90s #nineties #bathbombs #bathbomb

A post shared by BATH AND BODY CON CARACTER (@loquitabathandbody) on

Who had a nokia as their first phone 😭😂 back when the internet was on a little tiny screen and all you could do was go on chat rooms 🤣

A post shared by BATH AND BODY CON CARACTER (@loquitabathandbody) on

You can find the cosmetics creators both online and on Instagram, where we reckon you’ll be fan-girling over their awesome pictures in no time.

Currently there appears to be over 50 bath bombs available on the website, along with a selection of other goodies, including bath dust, sugar scrub and bath tea. The website's default currency is in dollars, so be sure to check the shop policy to confirm the best way to pay and ensure that they deliver to your country.

As well as taking you on a trip down memory lane, the Loquita Bath and Body website will have you laughing out loud over their comments on the cultural references that they have mined the last two decades for.

On the product page for the Recess bath bomb duo for example, the description reads: “Probably the first relationship of our childhood were Spinelli & TJ from Recess! Wondering if they ever did end up together??”

Dubbed as a favourite by the bath bomb specialists is the troll doll, which they describe as, “One of the most iconic 80s & 90s toys out there, the ugly yet cute troll doll is our favourite!”

Followers of the shop on Instagram are already going wild for the 00s additions, with one user commenting, “too cute!!!! I need one!” and another agreeing, “look at all her bath bombs & products! So cool, I want them all!”

Were Spinelli and TJ not the first "ship"of our 90's childhood!? #scandolous #spinelli #recess #90s

A post shared by BATH AND BODY CON CARACTER (@loquitabathandbody) on

But, if you want to have your pick of these pamper-night essentials you’ll need to be quick, as some of their soon-to-be cult products appear to have already sold out.

Images: Rex / Instagram



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