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Beauty hacks from the world’s leading experts


Just like we have shortcuts to folders on our desktop and little quirks that allow us to do our jobs more easily, the beauty industry is filled with tips and tricks that ensure make-up artists, nail artists and hair stylists can deliver flawless results time and time again.

We round up the very best beauty hacks to solve those every day mysteries from painting a smooth coat of nail varnish to preventing lipstick from bleeding.

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Perfect manicure

Don’t shake the nail varnish – it creates bubbles in the liquid. Instead roll the bottle between your hands. It’ll mix the colour and you’ll get a perfectly smooth coat.

Expert: Nail technician and celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik

Moisturise nails

Gently buff any peeling bits off then rub vaseline onto your nail bed to seal your nails.

Expert: Sharmadean Reid, nail artist and creator of the WAH Nails salon in Dalston, London

Discoloured nails

I’d recommend lemon juice on cotton wool to get rid of the discolouration and then sweep over again with acetone.

Expert: Sharmadean Reid, nail artist and creator of the WAH Nails salon in Dalston, London

Smooth nail varnish

Keep your polish layers thin and hold your brush parallel to the nail for smooth and even application. Place the brush at the back of the nail (slightly away from the cuticle) and ease it lightly toward the cuticle line, then float the brush down the nail, towards the tip. Do this on both sides, then seal the edge and let dry. Apply the second coat, starting from thumb to pinky.

Jan Arnold, founder of CND


Stop lipstick bleeding

Begin by gently brushing your lips with a wet toothbrush to remove any flakes and line your lips with a nude pencil that matches your lips, then fill in with your shade. Any colour you choose to wear, including bolder reds and plums, will work with that pencil.

Expert: Bobbi Brown, professional makeup artist and the founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Get rid off redness

"It is best to start by adding a little green corrector to the blemish, always dabbing lightly as this will cancel any redness. Apply a light concealer with a pointy brush dabbing it until it is covered. Finish with a light setting powder."

Iris Guevara of Factor Artists

Perfect eye-shadow

Once you’ve applied long-wearing, waterproof eye shadow, add a tiny bit of lip gloss with your fingers to give it a sheen.“You’re not trying to coat it like you would your lips. You just want to give luster to the eye so it reflects light. With the waterproof shadows underneath, you don’t have to worry about smudging or moving underneath.”

Expert: Sir John, Beyonce’s make-up artist

Remove waterproof make-up

Use a cleansing oil or a pinch of olive or almond oil on a cotton pad to remove waterproof makeup. But steer clear of baby oil, which is made from petroleum, a gasoline byproduct that you don't want so close to your eyes.

Expert: Stella Kae, celebrity make-up artist


How to cleanse skin

Using your ring fingers to massage over problem blackhead areas such as the nose and chin, allows you to give a more focused massage to help clear the skin. This will help drain toxins, enliven and brighten the skin and work your product deeper into pores to combat congestion.

Expert: Sarah Chapman, skincare expert and London’s most sought-after facialist

Glowing skin

Nitric oxide is what gives you a beautiful healthy glow. Eat a piece of salmon with a green salad (it's the magic combination), because salmon also contains something that increases nitric oxide as well as antioxidants. "So if you eat salmon three days in a row, you have such a radiance, when you walk into a room people go, 'Wow.'"

Expert: Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist and world renowned healthy aging expert

Sandal feet

To exfoliate dry feet and get rid of dead skin, add two tablespoons of brown sugar to 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Mix and then apply this to the feet in a circular motion. Then wash off with a warm washcloth.

Debra Jaliman, New York Dermatologist and author of Skin Rules


Dry quickly

Instead of cotton towels, use some paper ones to dry your hair. "By blotting wet hair with a paper towel, it absorbs much more water than a standard towel."

Expert: Randi Petersen, LA based celebrity hair stylist

Hair conditioning

To get salon style deep-condition quality add a quarter cup of olive oil to three-quarters cup of your hair mask form the high street. Warm it in the microwave, apply on towel-dried hair starting at your ends, combing through and covering your hair with a plastic cap. Wait at least 15 minutes before you rinse.

Expert: Lisa Chiccine, New York City hairstylist

Clean styling tools

It’s important to clean styling tools such as straighteners and curling tongs at least once a week to prevent residue from products getting seared into hair, which can damage it further and make it brittle. Use a drop of alcohol and a soft cloth.

Expert: Charles Worthington, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Charles Worthington salons and haircare products



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