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Beyoncé’s make-up artist just shared his genius tip for shaping eyebrows


Beyoncé is famed all over the world – and for good reason: her music is monumental, provocative, and soul-bearing. She’s penned powerful feminist essays, paid for women to attend university and dropped everything to help boost the spirits of Hurricane Irma survivors. She’s trademarked her baby names, and broken the internet more than once.

And, on top of all of that, her glowing skin and perfectly brushed and arched eyebrows continue to grab the attention of beauty editors all over the world.

So all hail Sir John (aka the make-up artist behind Bey’s look) for revealing his secret trick behind those ‘flawless’ brows.

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Speaking to Byrdie, Sir John advises all those looking for Bey-esque brows to steer clear of anything dramatic and stick to the “universal” option – aka a straight brow that strategically frames your unique eye shape.  

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As well as coating your brows in warm castor oil each night (yes, really – it helps to stimulate hair growth), Sir John also suggests ditching eyebrow powders in favour of a pencil for any filling-in work.

Using feathery sideways sweeping movements, the beauty expert advises that you taper the strokes ever so slightly as you make your way towards the outer corner of your eye. You should try to stay light-handed with your product on the inner part of the brow (towards the face), in order to keep it looking natural.

And that’s not his only tip: speaking to Pop Sugar, Sir John revealed that using concealer around the eyebrows “in any way” is a very bad idea.

“There’s a misconception that in order to perfect brows, they need to be outlined with concealer, but you're only turning to concealer if you lack the confidence to draw on a perfect brow,” he said.

“Get rid of the training wheels and take the time to learn how to fill in brows.”

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Sir John, speaking to makeup.com, also suggests using the soft bristles of a toothbrush to gently brush your brows upward before a grooming session (or after, if you’re looking to remove any unwanted product).

This, he says, is the best way to get that natural shape and texture back.

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If you’ve been over-plucking your brows and need some tips on how to grow them back into a thicker shape, check out the Stylist beauty team’s tips here.

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