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National make-up artist for Dior Jamie Coombes talks us through this season's key make-up looks - as seen in Stylist's glossy fashion issue, out now.

Cashmere skin

Step 1: Use a primer all over your face to make the skin look and feel juicy, before applying the foundation. Blend the foundation in carefully, followed by a light sweep translucent powder over the T-zone. Then buff everything in with a fat domed shaped brush.

Step 2: Take two complimentary nude eye colours and use the lightest shade all over the eye lid up to the eyebrow. The slightly deeper shade should just be worked into the crease of the eye. Use your first brush (with the lighter shade) to blend over the whole area and soften down any lines.

Step 3: Use a very subtle highlighting product on the highest planes of the face - eyebrow bones, tops of cheekbones and cupids bow – and a pale caramel blush or sculpting powder, two or three tones darker than your skin, along your cheekbones.

Step 4: Gently define your brows with a pencil that exactly matches their colour or is one shade lighter. Fill in lips with a soft, nude pencil before patting on a creamy, nude lipstick. Slick on some balm if it looks too dry.

Jamie’s top tip: ‘I always start applying foundation under the eyes first. Once you’ve brightened and freshened that area, it’s surprising how little you need elsewhere.’

The products:

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-up in 020, £29

Diorskin Sculpt Smoothing Lifting Concealer in 003, £19.50

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder Make-up in 020, £28.50

Diorskin Crystal Nude in Invisible, £36

All by Dior

Feverish cheeks

Step 1: Use a little concealer to even out your skin tone, and select two shades of blush, one slightly darker and more of a blue-pink than the other.

Step 2: Sweep the lighter colour onto apples and under cheekbones. Use the darker colour to add a pop of colour right onto the apples of your cheeks. Bringing the blusher in towards your nose and down towards your jaw also look really pretty, as it mimics that almost feverish effect you get when you've been sitting next to a fire.

Step 3: Pull the look together by using a lip colour in a similar shade. Or if you’re using a cream or gel blush, add a little to lips as well.

Jamie’s top tip: ‘Choose blush that’s a couple of shades brighter than what you’re drawn to at the make-up counter. People tend to go for pale shades, but they look unnatural. It’s better to use a darker shade that matches your natural flush and to build it up.’

The products:

Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in Candelight, £24.50

Diorblush Glowing Colour Powder Blush in English Rose and Paradise Glow, £27.50 each

Diorskin Shimmer Powder in Rose Diamond, £31.50

All by Dior

Black cherry-dipped lips

Step 1: Make the lips soft and pliable with a lip prep product. Start with a very gentle light application of lip pencil, outlining just the cupid’s bow and the fullest bit of the bottom lip.

Step 2: Apply the lipstick with both a brush and your fingers. Fingers are great to really help push the colour into the skin, but follow with a lip brush to tidy up edges in the middle of the lip (outer edges should look unfinished for this look).

Jamie’s top tip: ‘Learn to love layering. For this look, I used two lip shades, one slighter deeper than the other, but you could use more.’

The products:

Rouge Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous Care Lipstick in Hypnotic Red and Zinnia Red, £22 each

Dir Addict Lip Maximizer, £20.50

All by Dior

Multi-toned eyes

Step 1: Choose an eye palette of complimentary shades and textures. Apply the lightest shade all over, the matte neutral shades over the lid and well into the socket and the middle shade on the lid only.

Step 2: Use the metallic shades to add a hit of drama along the crease, on the inner corners and around the lash line. You will need three different sized eye brushes to create this look; a large, a small (for doing lids only) and a more precise shaped brush for inner corners and lash line.

Step 3: Finish with a contouring sweep of blush in dark peach, caramel or bronze and a pat a similar shade of lipstick onto your lips. The blush and lipstick aren’t the focus of the look, but they add some colour and help it look finished.

Jamie’s top tip: ‘For the eye palette, I like the combination of mushroom, coffee, bronze, amber and gold. It creates a sophisticated, natural look.’

The products:

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset Cafe, £39

2 Couleurs Duo Eyeshadow in Bronzy Look, £27

Diorshow Extase Mascara, £21.50

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil in Sand, £16

All by Dior

Lived-in lashes

Step 1: This is a really unapologetic, bulked-up look, so use two different types of mascara and false lashes, as well as liner and shadow. All in black, of course.

Step 2: Start by applying black eyeshadow to your lids, then give eyes a 360 degree sweep of black eyeliner on the inner rims.

Step 3: Prep your lashes with some plumping serum and work the first mascara through all the lashes, lifting the lashes up as you pull the colour through. Follow with another layer of extra volumising mascara for further depth and bulk.

Step 3: Add in a few, small individual lashes to the outer corners and bottom lashes. Stick them on randomly – the more lived-in the better.

Jamie’s top tip: ‘Your smoky eye shadow doesn’t have to be perfectly blended, but limit it to the lid (stop just shy of the crease, in other words) to make it look modern.’

The products:

Diorshow Maximiser Lash Plumping Serum, £12.50

Diorshow Extas Mascara, £21.50

Layered with Diorshow Black Out Mascara £21.50 and Dior Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Trinidad Black, £16.50

Couleurs Designer in Smoky Design, £39

All by Dior



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