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Revolutionise your haircare routine

Thick, thin, soft, brittle, split, heavy, oily or dry – everyone’s hair is different and therefore needs different care. Yet how often do you just stick with what you know or assume to be OK, even if it’s not working? All the time, we’re guessing, because we do it, too – and it’s a practice that System Professional wants to stop. The hair experts have taken over 40 years of scientific investigation and developed EnergyCode™ Mapping – a diagnostic system that will reveal a completely unique code personal to your locks. It will point to the products you need to use to keep your hair looking its best. Because beautiful hair can boost confidence and self-esteem – as Emily discusses in our video.

Having found she has much less time and energy to look after her hair since having a baby, she’s chuffed to bits to discover that simply changing up the products she uses will have an immeasurable effect.

When discovering her EnergyCode™ is R1 (Repair Shampoo) + H2 (Hydrate Conditioner) + B4 (Balance Energy Serum), she realises that each product is tackling an individual need – it’s a solution with no compromise. You don’t have to hope one product will solve all your hair issues any more. You can mix and match to discover the best three things to make the best of your hair.

Discover your EnergyCode here.



Learn how to decode your hair


Your hair is trying to tell you something



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