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DIY beauty treatments with salon results


While it would be absolutely joyous to be able to spend an afternoon a week pampering ourselves at spas, massage parlours or nail salons, real life tends to get in the way a bit. This means we have to rely on DIY beauty more often than not – but doing things at home doesn’t have to mean a poor quality finish. We asked two beauty experts to give us their top tips on how best to achieve great results at home when you’re attempting a manicure or a blowdry.

The manicure


By session manicurist Cherrie Snow

“Neat cuticles are the key to a professional-looking manicure, so start by gently easing them back with a stainless steel cuticle pusher. Right before the base coat, I always run a double-sided cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over the nails to soak away any excess oil that can reduce polish wear. Then, when painting on the colour, I offload a drop of polish onto the centre of the nail and then spread it out so I don’t flood the nail and cause a mess. My ultimate tip is to rub a little oil onto cuticles once the nails are dry to boost circulation and encourage healthy nail growth.”


The blowdry

the blowdry

By session stylist and founder of Session Kit Anna Chapman

“I always blow dry hair from dripping wet. As soon as it starts to air dry, the natural bonds that give your hair its texture start rebuilding making it much harder to dry smooth. Prep hair with both a moisturizing milk and a serum (the ultimate product combination for glossy hair) and use the nozzle attachment on your hair dryer. It tunnels the blast of air down the hair shaft reducing frizz at it goes. If your hair is curly, dry from underneath using the diffuser head, being careful not to separate curls as you touch them to protect their formation. Finishing with a blast of cold air will ensure the blow dry lasts.”

White teeth without the dentist’s chair

Rapid White’s new Pro Clean & Polish System revolutionises at-home dental care

Your smile says so much about you – it’s how we convey welcome, happiness and joy to others. So feeling confident in your teeth is incredibly important. Unclean, stained and discoloured teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious, unconfident and unattractive. Rapid White’s new Pro Clean & Polish System delivers professional quality cleaning at home and is scientifically proven to visibly whiten teeth in just one use, removing up to 68% more plaque and stains than an electric toothbrush alone.* With its interchangeable heads providing precise and effective cleaning you can feel confident your smile will always be dazzling.

To celebrate the launch we’re giving away a Pro Clean and Polish System worth £65 to one reader. For your chance to win visit click here.  

* Laboratory Studies, Extrinsic stain removal, 2015.



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