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Gender reveal nail art is now a thing


Mums-to-be are finding ever-more innovative ways of announcing the sex of their babies – the latest being through the medium of nail art.

Much like baby showers before them, “gender reveal” celebration parties are a US import steadily creeping into the UK, with more and more pregnant women choosing to reveal whether they’re expecting a girl or a boy at gatherings featuring pink or blue balloons, cakes and confetti.

But for the beauty-focused, discrete expectant mothers, it’s all about a mani.

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“Gender reveal” nail art is on the rise on Instagram, with baby bottles, tiny feet, hearts, storks and bows in the appropriate colours all featuring on mum-to-be manicures.

Some are subtler than others – think blue and white polka dots versus declarations of “It’s a girl” individually painted pastel pink nails.

A wee baby girl starting with M is about to enter the world any day now 👶🏻💗

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And many expectant mums who don’t fancy using varnish to make their big announcement – or are choosing not to find out their baby’s sex - are having decorative manicures featuring both designs to stir up even more excitement.

You can see more of the designs below:

Images: Instagram


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