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Geode hair is the new low-maintenance answer to rainbow locks

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There’s a new hair colour trend which is huge news on the LA salon scene, and it’s only a matter of time before it makes it to the UK. Geode hair is a subtler take on rainbow locks which makes your hair look like a shiny, iridescent gem.

While many more experimental colourists have tried their hand at geode, it’s gaining momentum thanks to colourist Cherin Choi who works at Benjamin Arts District in LA, and is a pro at creating edgy yet flattering looks. 

The great thing about the look is that you don’t have to bleach your hair to achieve it, so its much less damaging than the rainbow look and as the shades (one or two) are dyed in as a soft ombre, it’s easier to grow out as well.

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Of the technique she uses, Choi told Refinery 29: "The lightened hair is lifted to a pale yellow, then is toned to a blondish white.” The colour is then applied to dry hair, "I use a brush and emulsify with my hands to blend the colors," Choi explains.

Here’s how the look has been realised by some of the early adopting colourists:

A look by  Cherin Choi

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A look by Christina O'Brien, based in Long Island

A look by short hair specialist Cash Zagaro, based in Boston


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Image: Cherin Choi



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