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Beauty blogger praised for her “honest” response to a fan who wanted to look like her

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Beauty bloggers might appear flawless in their Instagram feeds. But it’s worth remembering that they’re pros, who have garnered a huge following for their skills at creating a look – armed with plenty of smoke and mirrors to get that picture-perfect shot.

And this beauty blogger made that point perfectly when she responded to a fan who said she wished she looked like her.

Gina Shkeda has over 800K followers on Instagram, thanks to her YouTube tutorials and behind the scenes shots with stars like Gigi Hadid.

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When Shkeda posted her latest photo – a seemingly bare-faced shot of her lying in bed – a fan shared the image, saying: "If I could wake up as beautiful as @GinaShkeda I'd be the happiest girl alive."




Lashed out and Cabo baecay (LOL f me I really need to quit that term) ready ☀️🍊🍹

A post shared by Gina (@ginashkeda) on


When she spotted the comment, Gina wasn’t afraid to remind the fan that she absolutely doesn’t wake up like this: as a matter of fact, she has beauty treatments which enhance her appearance.

She went on to reassure her fan that she, in fact, is the one who is “flawless”.

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“Girl, I have micro bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections - I don't even look like this,” she tweeted.

“You're flawless.”

The tweet has been shared over 28,000 times, with plenty of other fans chiming in to applaud Gina’s honesty.

“This response is so important,” wrote one user.

While another said: “Wow that was refreshing and positive af to see someone plainly admit their natural-look isnt natural [sic]”

Image: Gina Shkida/Instagram




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