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Hair trends 2017: The cuts and colours ruling social media

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New year, new hair? Whether you’re in search of ideas for a gentle refresh or lacking inspiration for a total transformation, you’ve come to the right place.

With Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube currently influencing the beauty industry in a huge way (just think of the first place you’d go for hair ideas), we’ve scoured the social media landscape for the biggest and best hair trends set to rule in 2017.

Loved balayage? We’ve got something new for you. Not sure where to take your lob this year? These fresh cuts will help you find the answer.

From bright and bold hues to the new take on layers, here’s what social media has in store for your locks.

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Tiger Eye hair

Picking up the baton from sun-kissed balayage, Tiger Eye (so called because of the similarities between the blend of shades and the empowering bronze stone), offers a richer, deeper take on subtle multi-tonal hair. Think Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen.


Added more highlights for fall thanks to my fave @dellcolorist at @spokeandweal 💁🏻

A photo posted by Brittany Xavier (@thriftsandthreads) on


Tigereye kosa novi je trend, www.fashion.hr #tigereyehair #hair #haircolor #glossy #beauty

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Fishtail braids

Get practising, the fishtail is taking over. While Pinterest trend analysts are predicting a fishtail-topknot fusion, Instagram is already awash with festival-inspired takes on the technique that’ll see you from office chic to weekend casual.


A photo posted by india. (@madam_i_) on

Purple balayage

One for the brave and lovers of bold colour, purple balayage is flooding Pinterest as a follow-on from last year’s pastel dips and lilac rinses. If you’ve been teetering on the edge of a rainbow dye job, this could be your gentle way in.

The natural air dry

Two trends in one, expect to see less heat styling and more natural texture next year - if social media influencers have their way, at least. From Instagram to Pinterest, undone looks are winning, with an emphasis on letting your dry naturally. Our tip; invest in a good serum now.




Prepare to go peroxide; the white-blonde shades most recently sported by Michelle Williams, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence are set to go mainstream. For 2017, ask for yours with a silvery finish to stay ahead of the curve.


Frosty Blondie ☃️

A photo posted by San Diego Hairstylist (@tammynicole) on

#silverhair #blonde #braid #hairstyle #girl #stylish #longhair #lifestyle #lifestyle_shots

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The shaggy cut

Not quite Jennifer Aniston circa 1995, ‘the shag’ is back for 2017 with a new take on textured layers. Think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Freja Beha Erichsen, and ask your stylist to keep the layers long to avoid the cut feeling dated.



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