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Introducing The Coiffure Project


The Coiffure Project is throwing the spotlight on black women with natural afro hair.

Started almost accidently by Baltimore-based photographer Glenford Nunez, founder and photographer of TYP Photography Studio in Baltimore in America, The Coiffure Project is not aiming to be a political statement but it does well to bring new representations of black women and ethnic beauty to the fore.

ABOVE: Yoko photographed by Glenford Nunez

Beginning as a few mobile phone snaps of his assistant, who keeps her afro hair natural and unmodified, Nunez set about expanding on the photos to do something different: to show “beautiful natural hair on beautiful, natural people.”

ABOVE: Malliha photographed by Glenford Nunez

Photographing models he's worked with before as well as women he's found in the street, Nunez's project taps into a new mood, particularly in the US, of women bypassing processing chemicals and going back to their natural afro hair – as highlighted by unofficial poster girls Solange Knowles and The Help’s Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis.

ABOVE: Lillian photographed by Glenford Nunez

While hair is the tie that binds The Coiffure Project’s photos together, Nunez’s main focus has been on capturing the spirit of the sitter in his portraits - their attitude and unique styles - as well as their fabulous hair. “I’m just doing me,” he states. “I want people to look at good photography. The Coiffure Project is a portrait project first. The catch is it’s all about natural hair.”

ABOVE: Krystal photographed by Glenford Nunez

See all the photos from The Coiffure Project online at www.trustyourphotographer.com/portraits/coiffure-project/

What do you think? Should women of all ethnicities start embracing their natural hair - whether that be an afro or mousy-brown hair colour? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below.

Image credit: Glenford Nunez at TYP Photography Studio



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