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This £3.30 mascara is the surprise beauty hit of the internet


When a mascara has been crowned as “magic”, it’s got to have met a lengthy list of tough checks first. We’re talking skyscraper-style volume, no clumping whatsoever, long length, cruelty-free and absolutely smudge-proof (to name but a few).

If, like us, you’ve pretty much tried and tested every mascara out there – from bank-breaking expensive ones to failsafe cheaper options – then you’ll know the dedication involved in tracking down a must-have.

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Which is why, when redditor EllieDaisyLouise (of the subreddit MakeupAddiction) posted a before-and-after photo of her luscious lashes, we had to know more – along with the rest of the internet.


Redditor EllieDaisyLouise posted a before-and-after photo of her super volumised lashes.

To achieve the look, EllieDaisyLouise curled her “short, straight eyelashes” and layered mascara onto them – and the product in question?

Say hello to Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara.

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“Can't believe this mascara was only £3.30,” wrote EllieDaisyLouise. “Sorry for the shocking picture quality but this is the Essence Lash Princess Mascara and I HIGHLY recommend it.”

Encased in bold black and bright green, the mascara has a special “conic shaped fibre brush” and comes in only a black shade. 


Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara


Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara

It seems EllieDaisyLouise isn’t the only one to fall for the mascara’s charms, either: her fellow Reddit users were quick to back her up, posting about how much they too love the mascara – resulting in over 350 comments.

“Alright, this is the second time I've seen lashes this dramatic from that mascara and I'm officially on board,” one wrote.

“I bought the same one yesterday! The cashier said she had heard great things about it. Just put it on and it's fantastic!,” another posted.

“F**king magic,” another wrote.

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Others went out to buy and try it for themselves – with glowing results.

“I got a tube and I love it. Thanks so much for your recommendation,” they posted.

“I actually just ran out and bought some of the False Effect - for the price I don't see why not. So far I love it!,” another commented.

One user, mf_mal, also posted a photo of her before-and-after lash transformation, saying: “Can now confirm that the Essence False Lash Princess Mascara that was posted about a day ago is in fact amazing (so thank you to EllieDaisyLouise).

“I bought it, tried it, and highly approve of it. Well worth the four dollars!”


One user, mf_mal, also posted a photo of her before-and-after lash transformation.

And since the post went live a week ago users have continued to sing its transformative praises.

“This is my favourite mascara ever and I'm not even going to bother trying anything else. Holds the curl ALL DAY and never flakes. Just beautiful,” one person wrote.

“I freaking love this mascara. Great volume, not clumpy, lasts even through a nap,” another commented.

“Yes, I got this from Wilko and it's the best mascara I've ever used in my life!,” another posted.

“It's legit the best,” one posted.

“This is my go-to mascara,” another wrote.

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But users have only one qualm with the beauty buy:

“The only thing that sketches me out about these is that they aren't sealed! Add some shrink-wrap or a sticker, Essence, please!,” one user asked of the company.

Is the search for the best mascara ever over? We’re off to try it out on our lashes.

The mascara is available to buy from Wilko for £3.30.

Images: Essence / Reddit / iStock


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