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Edible manicures are a thing and they’re crafted entirely from chocolate

chocolate nails - jessie mills - instagram.jpg

Between VR nail art designers, sophisticated French manicure updates and grown-up patterns that are even office-appropriate, it’s safe to say that nail art is a beauty trend that’s here to stay.

Its somewhat experimental offshoots, however, may not enjoy quite so much longevity.

Yes, we’re looking at you, live succulent manicure, and also the newest craze to set Instagram alight; edible nail art crafted from chocolate.

Hot on the heels of the KFC ‘finger lickin’ good’ edible nail polish marketing ploy, one nail technician has delved into the realms of beauty-meets-food innovation, with designs made from nothing but chocolate icing.

Her success, however, has been mixed.

New Zealand based nail pro Jessie Mills, who runs her own business called Nailed It NZ, has certainly caught the attention of beauty lovers worldwide.

The initial chocolate nails experiment took place some 20 weeks ago now, but the Instagram video during which she creates and shows off the nails is still racking up views, with over 57,000 so far.

Using a mix of dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel icing, plus edible silver balls, Mills effectively ices her nails using the squeezy tubes, before attempting to add decorative touches using the balls and a dotting tool.

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The nail artist also tried out a white choc on dark choc polka dot design, though sadly, despite a commendable effort, things didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Mills also had trouble getting the icing to set. A stint with her hands in the freezer didn’t help things along very much, either.

But if you’re cringing in your seat just thinking of the germs (or simply asking ‘Why?’), this might be a good time to add that Mills embarked on her chocolate nails mission with nothing but having a little fun in mind.

Despite the vitriol spilling out from shocked Instagram users in the comments section (most question the obvious hygiene issues), Mills states clearly from the off in her full YouTube tutorial, that this isn’t a practical idea for real-life.

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She even describes the caramel nail icing as looking a lot like ‘poop’, as she warily swirls it on.

Hitting back at her horrified trolls, Mills writes: “To everyone commenting ‘ew’ or ‘wtf’, ummm no kidding! Watch the full video on YouTube and see that maybe I was having fun - I recommend you try having some too one day.”

And  on that note, here’s Jessie Mills’ full chocolate nails YouTube tutorial, for you to watch in all its curious glory:



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