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Do you own the most popular nail colour on Pinterest?

nail polish shades.jpg

A good manicure is always a winner on social media, as a) Instagram and Pinterest are excellent for beauty inspo, and b) those unicorn lattes won’t hold themselves against a brick wall background.

According to Pinterest, nails are the biggest thing in beauty on the image-sharing site right now – and there’s one shade of polish in particular that everyone’s pinning as their summer look.

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Gone are the bright pops of colour of 2016: instead, people are apparently favouring a far more muted approach to their manicures – with a huge 170% leap in pins for pinky-mauve tones such as the below:

Topless and Barefoot - Essie

Topless and Barefoot - Essie

A perfect example of the colours Pinterest users can’t get enough of, the above shade is ‘Topless and Barefoot’ by Essie, and the product description reads: “Revel in the nude with this barely-there soft beige pink nail colour.

“It’s perfect for an effortlessly beautiful, beachy look.”

There’s no denying it’s a pretty hue – but exactly why is this one so popular above all others?

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Well, we’d hazard a guess that the neutral hue is incredibly wearable and isn’t as expensive as some of the designer versions out there, coming in at £8.

Plus, it’s an easy one to pair with neons should you fancy having a go at some easy but striking nail art.

Will you be investing?

Images: Essie / iStock



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