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Prosecco fans, this new ‘edible’ nail polish tastes just like your favourite drink


Prosecco is one of our absolute favourite drinks; not only does it taste phenomenal, but the bubbly concoction is also packed to the brim with health benefits – which makes us feel less guilty when we order a glass alongside a luxury boozy brunch.

However, while we’re all for prosecco-flavoured products (remember those delicious mince pies we told you about at Christmas?), this latest twist on the trend is… well, it’s more than a little hard to swallow.

Say hello to prosecco nail varnish. 

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And, no, we don’t mean a shimmery polish that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of prosecco – we mean edible nail polish that genuinely tastes like your favourite fizzing tipple.

Prosecco nail polish tastes just like the real thing (apparently)

Prosecco nail polish tastes just like the real thing (apparently)

Allegedly made from “real prosecco”, this lightly sparkling nail polish tastes, smells, and shimmers just like the real thing.

Which means that you can wear it, dazzle everyone you meet, and chow down on it when you get hungry at the end of the night.


Check it out:

Writing about their new product on their website, Groupon boasts that “this lick-able polish looks exquisite” and gives you all “the fun of the flavour, without a sore head the next day”.

If this unusual beauty trend has (almost literally) tickled your taste-buds, then we’re sorry to report that you can’t buy a stash of your own. Instead, you have to enter Groupon’s Mother’s Day competition, to be in with a chance of winning a bottle.

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While it’s being touted as edible, it’s worth bearing in mind that the ingredients don’t exactly sound appetizing.

As well as a dash of prosecco, the “highly-flammable” concoction also contain a twist of shellac E904, a dash of propylene glycol, a smidge of sodium saccharin, a whisper of R555 potassium aluminium silicate, a dollop of E171 Titanium Dioxide, and, of course, a bitta finger-lickin’ good E172 iron oxide.

No wonder Groupon have warned customers that they should never, ever, ever “drink” their new nail polish: it’s for casual licking and nibbling only (albeit at your own risk). 

Images: Groupon / iStock


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