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Pretty in (crystal) pink: the nail-art trend coming to an Insta feed near you

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With new beauty trends popping up constantly, we’re rarely short of nail art inspiration. Are you after minimalist ideas? Edible, perhaps? There’s plenty out there, with even succulents (yes, real tiny plants) being co-opted for manicure purposes.

However, it takes something pretty special to have us actually book an appointment at our local nail salon or sitting down to properly give something a go ourselves. And it seems that Instagrammer Jamie Paige has hit the sweet spot with her new quartz mani.

Taking our love for marble and adding in a dash of pink, the rose-hued, crystal-inspired artwork has taken over our Instagram feeds in recent weeks.


Pink Quartz nails 😻|| nails by @alexenails

A post shared by Jamie Paige (@jamiepaigebeauty) on

Talking to Glamour about how she hit upon this beautiful new trend, Paige explained that it was simply a case of putting an original spin on something done a thousand times before, i.e. the marble manicure.

Paige pretty much nails it (sorry) when she says “you could put anything on a marble slab and it will look pretty. I think that’s why everybody loves it so much – it just gives such a pretty vibe to anything.”

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While Paige – a beauty YouTuber with thousands of followers – collaborated with Canadian beautician Alexandra Bouffard on the look, she does offer advice on how to get the look at home.

Start by painting a pale, sheer pink colour all over the nail before painting thin white lines to recreate the veins in rose quartz. She then advises dipping the brush in nail polish remover and blending the edges to create a cloudy look. Finish with a top coat of the pink.

Whether you keep it simple with an accent nail or go all-out, scroll down for more inspiration.

Using it on long nails gives a striking finish:


Rose quartz!! Neutral and so beautiful! #notd #quartznails #gelnails #nudenails #halifax #halifaxnails

A post shared by Nail Artist and Esthetician (@danicured) on

While on shorter nails it’s a more subtle look:


#quartznails gel mani 💅🏽

A post shared by ✨Brandie ✨ (@beeleigh_) on

A matte shade on odd nails is a minimalist dream:

Alix, YOU GOT PIMPED !! #ThisisVenice #NailArt #PimpMyNails #GelNailArt #NailArtParis #HandPainted

A post shared by Lili Nguyen ✌🏼💅🏼 (@thisisvenice) on

Judiciously placed gold leaf elevates the glamour:

As do a few studs:


Daphné, YOU GOT PIMPED !! #ThisisVenice #NailArt #PimpMyNails #GelNailArt #NailArtParis #QuartzNails

A post shared by Lili Nguyen ✌🏼💅🏼 (@thisisvenice) on

Or play up the pink with a rose gold accent nail:

Image: instagram.com/jamiepaigebeauty



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