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Say goodbye to the red lip: this is the new lipstick hue we’re all obsessed with


A red lip has been our fail-safe beauty look for yonks, providing us with a dash of sophistication in the evenings as well as the ability to look vaguely pulled together after a night of little sleep or heavy (gin) drinking.

But according to Pinterest, our affections for just a classic red lip may be waning, with the social media site reporting a steep rise in the pinning of images of berry lip colours.

A brilliantly diverse look, berry shades encompass everything from our beloved red to darker blackcurrant and blackberry shades, and even a hint of blueberry for the truly bold.

beauty berry lip

With a huge 71% spike in the number of pins, berry lips are set to be one of the biggest beauty trends for spring.

makeup look berry lips

Even better, a berry lip is still a brilliantly easy update if you don’t want a solid colour – simply add a swipe of your preferred shade for more of a wash/lip stain effect.

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Get inspiration from some of our favourite Pinterest pins for berry lips below:

berry lipstick makeup beauty
berry lipstick makeup beauty
berry lipstick makeup beauty
berry lipstick makeup beauty

Images: iStock / Pinterest


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