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Susan Sarandon’s tips on beauty and ageing are as excellent as you’d expect


There are a handful of Hollywood icons who you just know would have a wealth of good advice to offer, should you ever bump into them in a restaurant toilet and blurt out your dilemma of the day. Unsure whether you want to get married? Helen Mirren would have some choice words for you. Not sure about where your career’s going? Meryl Streep would be the calm, reassuring voice you needed to hear. Struggling with family drama? Oprah would know exactly what to say.

But there’s really only one person we’d want style advice from, and that’s Susan Sarandon. The 70-year-old actor and face of L’Oréal is known for her divinely DGAF attitude to fashion and beauty, whether she’s rocking flat shoes on the red carpet or wearing nothing but a bra under her tuxedo jacket (and then mocking the misogynists who couldn’t believe she still had breasts).

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So there were cheers all round when we saw that Sarandon had shared her tips on beauty and growing old defiantly with The Cut. Here, we’ve selected three of her best pearls of wisdom.

susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon at the Prada Resort 2018 party in Milan, May 2017.

1) Enjoy wearing heavy make-up when you’re younger

“As you get older, less is more. The things you could do when you’re 20, you better lose by the time you’re 70 or else they’re garish. You can’t get away with as much. It goes into the realm of Baby Jane.”

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2) Lighting is everything

“In being an actor, you’re so watched all the time. Your face is so big and the camera gets lower — the lighting can be bad so that even when you look good, you look bad… If you’re trying to age, bad lighting really helps.”

3) Beauty really does come from within (but you can add a little on top)

“Personally, I’m very drawn to a person who has kind eyes and seems awake, present, engaged, and curious. To me, that lightens up a face no matter what the features are… Whatever you do that makes you confident, whether it being going to the gym or running, you’ll look beautiful. And that can include making sure you have some mascara, a lip, or are staying hydrated.”

Images: Rex Features


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