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The 6 hottest make-up trends right now


The internet is a veritable smorgasbord of beauty inspiration. Not only do we have all the world’s best blogs and vlogs at our fingertips, but there are also countless shops, websites and Pinterest boards just waiting for our perusal.

And while this is great for those weekends when you’ve got a whole Saturday to sink in finding the perfect look (yep, we’ve been there), it can also be useful to browse a few key trends at the same time, and simply pick out your favourites.

With this in mind, we grilled the experts at Pinterest to uncover the most popular make-up trends being pinned in the UK over the last year. From graphic eyeliner to pearlescent highlighter, think of this as your guide to the six hottest make-up looks in the country right now.

Simply scroll down to get started.

White eyeliner

white eyeliner

Update your beauty look for spring with a scibble of white eyeliner, which will instantly brighten your eyes and make you look more awake. 

The look has soared in popularity by 92% over the past year, with arty graphic lines (above) or a simple bold sweep (below) being pinned aplenty.

white eyeliner makeup

Get the look: Rimmel Colour Precise liner in white, £5.99 from feelunique.com

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Fake freckles

fake freckles

Fake that just-back-from-an-exotic-holiday look with a sprinkling of freckles over the bridge of your nose and across your cheekbones.

To achieve the look, simply dot the freckles onto your skin using a blunt eyebrow pencil in a shade that suits your skintone.

Get the look: Charlotte Tilbury brow lift pencil, £22.50 from charlottetilbury.com/uk

Glitter cut crease

glitter cut crease

The perfect look for the weekend, or a little something for when you’re feeling fancy, the glitter cut crease is gratifyingly easy to create.

Simply complete your usual make-up look and add a sweep of glitter eyeliner across the natural crease of your eyes.

Get the look: Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner, £15 from feelunique.com

Wet-look eye shadow

wet look eyeliner beauty

Definitely one for the bold, wet-look eyeshadow has seen a whopping 170% increase in pins over the last year.

To create the look, you can either apply a top layer of gloss over your normal eyeshadow, or opt for a brightly coloured smudge of lip gloss.

wet-look eyeshadow makeup look

Get the look: Yves Saint Laurent Eye Gloss Smudger top coat eye gel, £18.50 from boots.com or 3ina Lip Oil Balm, £7.95 from uk.3ina.com

Pearlescent highlighter

highlighter beauty look

Give your complexion a shimmery boost with a sweep of pearlescent highlighter, a look that has rocketed in popularity by 140% over the past year.

Get the look: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish, £24.50 from maccosmetics.co.uk

Graphic eyeliner

graphic eyeliner beauty look makeup

One of the most fun trends on the Pinterest block, graphic eyeliner is pretty much open to interpretation – you just need a steady hand and a bit of patience.

Try an angular flick that sits below the eye (above) or take inspiration from any of the looks below.

graphic eyeliner look
eyeliner look makeup

Ge the look: Eyeko Eye Do liquid eyeliner, £16 from eyeko.com

Images: Pinterest and iStock



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