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How to craft a statement chignon

hair chignon use.jpg

A classic bridal look, this low and elegant chignon radiates va va voom and is perfect for a sophisticated soirée; wedding or otherwise.

With a subtle retro feel, it is both feminine and bold. And the best news is that, with a little focus, it’s not difficult to craft your own version.

Here, Megan Deigan, designer stylist at Rainbow Room International’s Bearsden Salon and also a Schwarzkopf young artistic team member, shares her step-by-step guide to re-creating the look. 

Drink it in and get set to party like a pro….

You will need: Two small elastics, one clip, one brush, hairgrips and flexible hairspray

Step one

Section hair into three parts. Section one should be two inches from your front hairline and secured with a clip. Section two should be two inches above your back hairline and secured in the centre with an elastic. With section three – your remaining hair – use an elastic just above section two and secure it.

Divide your hair into three sections

Divide your hair into three sections

Step two

Create a small space in section two above the elastic. Loop section three through, then backcomb it to give your roll some structure.

Loop section three through

Roll your hair up and secure the ends

Step three

Roll your hair up and secure the ends, placing your pins in horizontally and above the elastic of section three. Fan the sides out and secure with pins. Spray with hairspray to add texture to your hair.

Step four

Create movement around your face by curling section one, tonged your hair away from the face.

Curl to create movement around the face

Curl to create movement around the face

Step five

Comb your curls out and secure into the back, leaving some softer tresses at the front to keep your look light and elegant.

Step six

Give your head a light shake to make sure your hair is dance-proof, secure it with a few more pins and finish with a good hairspray.

The final look

Ta da! The final look

Images: Rex

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