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The best hairstyles from 90s TV shows

Oh, that hair. Remember that hair? And remember that moment when you, and what felt like every other living woman between the ages of eight and 89 decided to go to their hairdressers, clutching a picture of Jennifer Aniston and demand The Rachel?

While we're sure some lucky few actually managed to pull this look off, sadly our naturally curly locks didn't like it, and instead of a cute choppy bob it ended up not unlike to Krusty the Clown's unruly mop (incidentally, never get a fringe when your hair is wavy either).

That aside, 90s TV was the best place for hairstyle inspiration, whether it was backcombing, crimping or just au naturel (Joey Potter, we're looking at you). Take a look below and if you're not desperate to style your barnet like Tiffani Amber Thiessen's circa Saved By The Bell, we suggest you have a word with yourself.

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