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Through the keyhole: step inside Inthefrow's bathroom


In our new series, stylist.co.uk takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the bathrooms of some of the UK's biggest and best beauty bloggers. This week, we're talking power showers and super-organised cupboard space with 27-year-old Victoria from Inthefrow. An award-winning style and beauty blogger, Victoria is also an accomplished photographer who snaps beautiful images of makeup, clothes and more.

Victoria aka Inthefrow

Victoria aka Inthefrow

First up, can you tell us a bit about your bathroom?

While I would love to tell you my bathroom is a quiet and peaceful hideaway for me in the evenings, where I can fill up a big warm bubble bath, sip on champagne and listen to chilled out music, it is unfortunately not so magical…

For a start, it doesn't have a bath, as London living really does make you cut back on some of the finer things in life sometimes. But it does have some great features and products that make me really happy when it comes to my morning and evening routines. I may not have a bath, but I do have a wonderful overhead shower!

What are your must-have items to help make your bathroom more of a beauty haven?

Aside from my shower, which I would love to stand in for hours, I have a big cupboard that I keep all my beauty products i. It’s meant to be for books, but I found it was perfect for housing all my bits and pieces instead. I love being able to walk over to it at night and easily choose the exact products I need. 


'I would love to stand in my shower for hours'

What are your ultimate products for unwinding?

For unwinding, I adore beautifully fragranced shower gels. At the moment I really love the Body Shop Rose Petal Bath Foam (£8, thebodyshop.co.uk), which I just use on a bath lily. I also cannot get enough of body scrubs at the moment, and Sanctuary is probably my favourite brand for the best smelling scrubs out there. Plus, a face mask always does the trick if I feel my skin needs a boost.

What is your favourite thing in your bathroom?

My product cupboard would probably be one of my favourite things, but products aside, it would have to be my fluffy White Company Dressing Gown that I have hanging on my radiator. After a shower, I throw on my warm dressing gown and the day feels like its complete. I can really just relax after that!

beauty products

'My product cupboard is one of my favourite things: I know exactly where to find everything'

How do you organise your beauty products in the cupboard?

The cupboard (above) has four large spaces inside it, where I have collected together a shelf of shampoos and conditioners, another of body scrubs and face masks, the third is for hair masks and colourants and the fourth is for body lotions and shower gels. Then across the top I have all of my most used products in lines. It's almost like a small shop in effect: as a beauty and fashion blogger, I'm extremely lucky to be sent a lot of products to try out.

I have a line for fake tans, eye makeup removers, miscellar waters, face washes, exfoliating face washes, toners, oil cleansers and, finally, cream cleansers. I know it sounds a tad ridiculous, but I find it works well to have them in categories, as I know exactly where to find everything. 


'A face mask always does the trick if I feel my skin needs a boost'

Where did you seek inspiration when decorating your bathroom?

As I live in a rented flat, there isn’t much scope for decoration. I just sort of went with what I had. I love to collect photos of bathrooms on Pinterest though - I have a full board dedicated to them! So I suppose I just bought items that I thought would make me feel like it was a little more of a sanctuary.

For example, lovely hand soaps and moisturisers from Orla Kiely, candles from Guerlain, Clarins and Malin+Goetz dotted here and there and fluffy monogrammed grey towels hung on the radiator.

Do you have any insider tips for sourcing little-known homewares?

For bathroom or homeware products, I adore TK Maxx or Homesense. I could shop for hours in Homesense picking up little bits and pieces.

I also like small independent homeware stores, like the kind you find in garden centres. They always have so many beautiful homeware items that you just can’t find in larger stores. I also really like H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters.


'I really love the Body Shop Rose Petal Bath Foam'

Are you a bath or shower person?

I know that I would love a bath in my flat, but I do think that I prefer showering. It is much quicker and efficient and after running a bath, I do find I can only stay in them for 10 minutes before I get a bit bored.

Do you do your makeup in your bathroom?

I don't actually. I always do this when I stay in hotels, but at home, I apply my makeup at my work desk. I have all of my makeup products in categories divided amongst the drawers in my desk, so I can find everything really easily. Plus, the lighting is a lot better out of the bathroom!


' I bought items that I thought would make me feel like my bathroom was a sanctuary'

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