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Trend on Trial: Deep partings


Do they work in real life? Stylist's beauty team is divided...

Elegant, demure and sophisticated – the super-low parting embodies all of these traits. It’s a game of two halves; hair is pulled back behind the ear on one side, revealing a hint of youthful innocence while on the other it’s sinfully sexy, a cascade of waves and curls. But, does the deep parting veer into dangerous comb-over territory or can it become the new centre parting? Time won’t tell, but our trusty Trend On Trial will.

Samantha Flowers

Stylist’s Beauty Editor says: Partings are funny things. Who knew such a tiny nuance could make the most incredible difference to, well, everything? It’s not just a look, it’s an attitude. A centre parting speaks of a girl who is effortlessly cool, a side parting seems to belong to someone who has tried a little harder – not that that’s a bad thing, I rocked a side parting until about three years ago. But my new-ish shorter hair suffered when I flipped it over, unwilling to stay put. This is where long hair comes into its own, as it bends and curves. I quite miss it.

Evie Leatham

Stylist’s Beauty Director says: "I like the cool-girl nonchalance this parting gives an otherwise classically glamorous style. I have babies’ fuzz around my hair-line and it’s particularly fluffy just above my temples – or according to my boyfriend, ‘where my horns would be’ – so I rolled a conical heated curling wand over the little rascals to flatten them. A deep side parting doesn’t always work with a round face like mine (a middle parting looks strongest) but it’s a good look to keep in the parting wardrobe, so to speak.

Anita Bhagwandas

Stylist’s Beauty and Features Writer says: I love this look. A super-low side parting is ultra cool, especially if you have that kind of swingy Angela-Chase-meets-Mad-Men hair. For me the extra-low sidey says so much, worn straight or curly; it means business and it’s a bold yet simple statement. Try it today, I urge you; you will never look back.


We’re divided (such a surprise) on the vintage low parting. But what is true is that unlike a haircut or colour, it’s a momentary switch that can transform your entire look and for that it should be exalted as a key asset in our hair armoury. Worn curled, as we saw at Jonathan Saunders, it’s Forties vixen; worn straight, it comes over a little Comme des Garçons. Whatever your style, go strong and side-parted with pride, we say.

With thanks to boothnation.com



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