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Trend on Trial: easy contouring


Contouring is not make-up but transformative magic. It’s tough to master, but done well this dark art can define cheekbones on even the most cherubic of faces. The basic rule is that subtle shadows created with a taupe/ terracotta shade two tones darker than your natural complexion, along with the deft use of highlighter, bestows new dimensions to the face. Witness the finely chiselled cheekbones seen at Dsquared2, Armani and Alexander Wang. It’s a skill akin to sculpting, but can we harness the amazing powers of light and shade?

Anita Bhagwandas Stylist’s Beauty and Features Writer says: I once over-zealously contoured my cheekbones and jawline, imagining I looked like Jourdan Dunn’s lost twin, but when tagging the Facebook photos the next day, I realised it looked like I’d had a fight with a Bournville bar. But Illamasqua’s ergonomically designed contour brush has softened the way I contour. It creates natural sculpt, without a chocolate stripe in sight.

Evie Leatham Stylist’s Beauty Director says: Eighties power dressing for your face meets a more subtle approach. Et voilà: cheekbones so sharp they should come with a warning. I’ve discovered the trick is sucking in my cheeks and adding a concentrated powder (somewhere between taupe and apricot) to the hollows before blending it up and around the temples. My walk to work was especially satisfying when I spotted my newly elevated cheekbones in a shop window.

Samantha Flowers, Stylist’s Beauty Editor Says: If you’ve ever seen that Kim Kardashian make-up tutorial, you’ll get it. If not, Google it. You too can have cheekbones, full lips and world peace (almost). But this make-up trickery can be tough, so we should thank Tom Ford for creating the Shade and Illuminate Palette. It does all the hard work with two creamy shades, one for illuminating the high points of your face, the other to add shadow elsewhere.


This is about equality: sculpting the cheekbones we’d all have been born with in a fair world, and it only takes a few sweeps of a make-up brush. We’re hooked – just call us the Donatellos of the beauty world.

Thanks to boothnation.com



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