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Trend On Trial: mermaid hair


Stylist's Beauty Director Joanna McGarry tries the mermaid hair trend, as seen at 3.1 Philip Lim autumn/winter 2011 (pictured).

There’s something drearily unglamorous about electric hair tongs. Each week, they make their way across the railroads of the country, nestling at the bottom of weekend bags, never to see the light of day. Because, bar a few technical improvements, the curling tong has remained largely the same since the Seventies, so it was cheering to see the current influx of new wave tongs. I first saw them on a shoot three years ago, when they were only available to professionals and, mesmerised by their doublebarrelled potential, begged the stylist to run them through my hair.

The result was somewhere approaching ethereal-era Courtney Love and a shoal of mermaids, (no doubt because Daryl Hannah sports such a mane in 1984’s Splash). My hair was past my shoulders and I adored the look. Of course, it looks infinitely better on those with Kirsty Hume-length hair. Now, with my blunt bob, it looks almost unbearably tweeny when worn down, but vastly improves throughout the day as the wave drops. Odile Gilbert – the visionary hair stylist behind the ‘Botticelli’ hair at 3.1 Phillip Lim’s a/w 2011 show – proved that mermaid waves can take on that cool, minimalist, New-York vibe. Just scrape back the top layer into an easy back knot. Duly noted.


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