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Trend on trial: wet look hair


Drenched hair is having a moment, with versions seen at Marni, Gucci, Missoni and Roberto Cavalli. But our favourite reference point was Prada; in the eloquent words of super-stylist Guido Paulo, who created the catwalk look, it’s basically “wet hair”. We really don’t need to say much more than that. Except that we’re channelling Kate Moss in the iconic Nineties Calvin Klein Obsession campaigns, strands of hair stuck seductively to her face. You either get it or you don’t and, for some, justshowered hair will only ever be for the bleary-eyed walk from bathroom to bedroom.

Evie Leatham (centre) Stylist’s beauty director says:

This trend conjures up memories of being caught without an umbrella and arriving at work with a cowlick fringe and a haze of frizz. But the selling point is that I won’t be at the mercy of sudden downpours anymore. I raked both gel and oil through my wet hair then flipped my head upside down, scrunching the lengths to get that wavy texture. At lunch a colleague asked if I had just been for a swim. Some might have regarded this as the ultimate compliment, a sign of having nailed the trend, but ‘post-swim’ will not become my signature hair look.

Samantha Flowers (right) Stylist’s beauty editor says:

As we all know, what works on the catwalk does not always translate to reality but that, dear reader, is what we all love about TOT (that, and seeing the beauty team attempting to pass off neon scrunchies). This is the kind of hair that either looks insanely cool or disgustingly greasy. Despite fears that I might turn up at my birthday dinner looking like I hadn’t showered for a week, I gave my hair a liberal coating of Redken’s Diamond Oil, as used at Prada. Thought I’d hate it. Actually quite liked it.

Anita Bhagwandas (left) Stylist’s beauty and features writer says:

I’m going out on a precarious limb here by saying that I think this look only works if you’re a) of the hipster/ultra high-fashion persuasion and b) you have straight or slightly wavy hair. What does suit curlier hair, though, is a matte texture at the roots and a slight wet-look through the ends – anything else just looks accidental – in a bad way.


The wet-hair look, then – not only is it hard to create if you don’t have straight hair, but you also run the risk of looking like you’re hairdryer-less or – heaven forbid – shower-less. Furthermore, it only suits those with a look that says, “I’m a dedicated follower of trends and yes I am wearing Comme Des Garçons, thank you very much. Now I must go back to art school from whence I came.” Frankly, that’s very few of us, so wet-look hair is one to be vetoed. But do tweet us if you’ve pulled it off.

With thanks to boothnation.com



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