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Cult beauty tool the Vamp Stamp is now on sale in the UK to perfect your winged eyeliner


We’ve tried all manner of beauty hacks in our quest to achieve perfect winged eyeliner. 

A YouTube beauty tutorial often plays ineffectually in the background as we stretch one hand across a credit card, piece of paper or even dental floss, while the other precariously draws an inky line along whichever straight-edged implement a beauty blogger has lately deemed the definitive tool for a flawless feline flick.

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Then, late last year and thankfully before someone had an eye out, the Vamp Stamp came along. Essentially a sponge stencil on a stick, it presses an instant wing onto eyes without the hassle, or danger.

It became an instant hit when it launched stateside in October and now, thanks to the power of London-based Cult Beauty, it's available to cat’s eye lovers all across the UK.

There’s actually a pretty amazing story behind the birth of the Vamp Stamp. Veronica Lorenz, co-creator of the iconic Beautyblender make-up sponge came up with the idea when she was diagnosed with a benign tumour on her spinal cord and lost partial use of her hands.

“That is when I actually needed my invention,” the make-up artist and winged eyeliner fan told The Occidental Weekly.

The £22.50 tool, available in medium and large, can be used with any liquid or gel liner. It needs to be completely covered and any excess wiped off the sides before it’s lined up with the corner of the eye. Press on firmly for an instant flick.

The Vamp Stamp in action...

@_misspanama doing her thing!!!! #WingIt #thevampstamp

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Images: Vamp Stamp


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