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JK Rowling invented Quidditch to ‘annoy men’ after row with ex boyfriend


JK Rowling has certainly been treating her muggle fans this year, hasn’t she? Not only have we been gifted the magic of The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts, and three new books about the wizarding world, but she’s also given us an insight into her own imagination.

And, yes, it’s every bit as wondrous as you might have hoped.

An extremely rare first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is set to go on display at the Edinburgh Writers’ Museum – complete with 42 annotations and 22 original drawings from Rowling herself.

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Edinburgh News have given us a sneak preview of the book, with includes a sketch of baby Harry sleeping on the doorstep of the Dursley household, not to mention the original Hogwarts Crest – complete with a Hufflepuff bear in place of the iconic badger.

Most exciting of all, however, is Rowling’s thoughts on Quidditch – aka the popular sport played by wizards on broomstick.

JK Rowling and Eddie Redmayne

JK Rowling and Eddie Redmayne

Writing in the margins of the book, Rowling explains: “Quidditch was invented in a small hotel in Manchester, after a row with my (then) boyfriend.

“I had been pondering the things that hold a society together, cause it to congregate, and signify its particular character – and I knew it needed a sport.”

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With a slightly detectable hint of glee, Rowling adds: “It infuriates men, in my experience (why is the Snitch so valuable etc.).

“[And that] is quite satisfying given my state of mind when I invented it.”

Speaking about the special exhibit, Councillor Richard Lewis, Culture Convener at the City of Edinburgh Council, said: “This unique first edition features a remarkable glimpse into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In it, J.K. Rowling opens her heart about her characters and creations and makes beautiful illustrations of magical scenes from the series.”

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He continued: “It is a privilege to display this book by one of the world’s most popular authors in the city’s Writers’ Museum. The historic building houses rare books and items belonging to some of Scotland’s greatest ever writers and is the perfect place to display J.K. Rowling’s classic, annotated, book.

“We are thankful to the private lender, J.K. Rowling and the Scottish Book Trust for their generous support.”

"It infuriates men, in my experience"

"It infuriates men, in my experience"

The annotated Harry Potter book will be displayed at Edinburgh’s Writers’ Museum on a different page every day, so that no visit is the same, for free from 8 December 2016 until 8 January 2017


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