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12 of the best translated books to broaden your literary horizons

Don Quixote. Candide. War and Peace. Madame Bovary. Some of the best-known and most highly-regarded classics that adorn the shelves of secondhand book shops and Literature 101 reading lists were originally penned in foreign tongues - but, all too often, modern readers seem ignorant of the fact that overseas authors have continued to write, prolifically and beautifully, since the 18th century.

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I mean no offence to Atwood, Gaiman and all the other English-speaking authors who regularly decorate our top 100 lists - I love you all, call me - but if you’re determined to stray a little further afield with your reading in 2017, here are 12 wonderful books that will have to clutching your Kindle long after dark. And while you’re reading, spare a thought for this - the Man Booker International Prize is given annually to a single book in English translation, with a prize of £50,000 - split equally between author and translator. So it’s not just one writer’s words you’re parsing… 


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