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JK Rowling utterly annihilates Piers Morgan after he defends President Trump

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J.K. Rowling is best known for penning the Harry Potter books, but the talented author also has become renowned for her magical way of dealing with ‘undesirables’ on Twitter.

From dubbing President Donald Trump “worse than Voldemort”, to shooting out a warning to “anti-feminist” Theresa May, Rowling has redefined the phrase “the pen social media is mightier than the sword” – and now she’s turned her attentions to none other than Piers Morgan.

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It all kicked off when Morgan appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to defend the impact of Trump’s presidency.

During the show, the Good Morning Britain presenter refused to refer to Trump’s recent travel ruling as a “Muslim ban”, leading to a bitter exchange with Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.

In the end, Jefferies became so frustrated that he told Morgan to “f**k off”.

And naturally Rowling – who’s made no secret of her distaste for Trump’s travel ban – was delighted.

“Yes, watching Piers Morgan being told to f**k off on live TV is exactly as satisfying as I’d always imagined,” she tweeted, linking her 9.5 million followers to an online clip of the show.

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It wasn’t long before Morgan spotted Rowling’s tweet.

He responded: “This is why I’ve never read a single word of Harry Potter.”

Rowling fired back: “Because you had a premonition that, one day, the author would roar with laughter at seeing you called out for your bulls**t on live TV?”

Morgan defended himself again by arguing that everything he had said was factual, adding: “If you think screaming ‘F**K OFF!!!’ at me changes that, then you’re mistaken.”

However, in referring to the ‘facts’, Morgan simply inspired Rowling to question his journalistic integrity.

“Would you like a couple of hours to mock up some pictures of refugees carrying explosives to substantiate your position?” she asked.

Morgan was still unready to accept defeat – and made the argument even more personal by suggesting that Rowling’s attitude was the reason why Brexit and Trump had both won support at the polls in Britain and America.

“The superior, dismissive arrogance of rabid Remain/Clinton supporters like @jk_rowling is, of course, precisely why both campaigns lost,” he wrote.

However Rowling, again, had the perfect comeback to hand, and informed Morgan that his sycophantic attitude to Trump would, ultimately, prove his own downfall.

“If you’d only read Harry Potter, you’d know that the downside of sucking up to the biggest bully in school is getting burned alive,” she said.

She was, of course, referring to the moment when Crabbe conjures up the Fiendfyre spell in the Room of Requirement in a bid to stop Harry, Ron, and Hermione from finding the hidden Horcrux and defeating Voldemort.

The encantation ultimately backfires, destroying much of the room and accidentally killing Crabbe and the Horcrux.

Rowling’s words inspired countless Potter fans to join the debate – and one bookshop owner has even begun tweeting every line of the first Harry Potter book to “amoral” Morgan since the spat.

Simon Key, who has already sent about 100 tweets of a planned 32,567 to Morgan, told Sky News he was prompted by Morgan saying he would “never” read Rowling’s book.

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Key said: “I'm doing it because Piers clearly spends all day on Twitter staring at his timeline.

“He clearly needs a bit of a break from all the abuse, so as he mentioned that he hasn't read any JK Rowling, rather then having to tear himself away from Twitter to read it, I'd tweet him.

“Obviously I'm sending it in bitesize chunks, which hopefully he'll be able to cope with, rather than giving him the daunting process of reading a whole book.”

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