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The Moth bring their StorySLAM to the Emerald Street Literary Festival


We have exciting news: local storytelling collective The Moth are collaborating with The Emerald Street Literary Festival to put on an exclusive StorySLAM event.

Perhaps most known for their appearance in the penultimate season of Girls, when Hannah performed at their StorySLAM, The Moth is not just a US phenomenon.

Now in its 20th year, the collective has been proving something we’ve long hoped to be true: that some of the most interesting stories are fact.

It has put on events in 44 locations worldwide and its podcasts are downloaded a whopping 500,000 times each week.

Now, Emerald Street has partnered with The Moth’s team in London to bring you this special StorySLAM.

Emerald Street Literary Festival logo

So, what happens at a SLAM?

For the StorySLAM, 10 participants will be chosen at random from a pool of volunteer storytellers to tell a true story (without notes) in the five to six minute range.

Storytellers will be scored based on the content of their stories, and their storytelling abilities, by three teams of judges – selected from audience members – on a scale from one to ten. The storyteller with the highest score wins.

At the Emerald Street Literary Festival, The Moth’s StorySLAM will take place in the main theatre, with over 400 tickets available at a special price of just £10. You can secure your spot by buying your tickets here.

The topic for the SLAM will be revealed over the course of the next month in the Emerald Street emails, so if you don’t already receive our daily newsletters, be sure to sign up.

Find out more about the Emerald Street Literary Festival and buy tickets here



Join us at the Emerald Street Literary Festival

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