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Roald Dahl’s most beloved characters: where are they now?


As children, we spent hours poring over the wonderfully weird worlds created by Roald Dahl.

And, as adults, we often find ourselves wondering whatever became of the characters we fell in love with when we were small.

After all, a child as marvellous as Matilda Wormwood must have grown up to be someone very special. George Kranky, after concocting his magical medicine, surely would have pursued a career as a doctor.

And what happened after Willy Wonka bequeathed his beloved chocolate factory to Charlie Bucket?

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Now, finally, we have all the answers.

Love Reading, a site which prides itself on helping you to choose your next reading bookhave unveiled eight beautiful illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake, revealing what happened to a handful of Dahl’s most compelling characters after the pages stopped turning.

From Mr Fox’s foray into the world of politics, to the BFG’s slightly bleak conclusion, they’ve wrapped up more than a few loose ends…

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However, in some cases, it seems as if maybe we were better off NOT knowing what happened after the happy-ever-afters.

Check it out…

George Kranky - George's Marvellous Medicine

George Kranky

George Kranky

George Kranky gave his evil grandma a healthy dose of revenge in George’s Marvellous Medicine, not to mention gave his farmer dad a farm filled with ginormous chickens and cows.

It’s unsurprising, then, that this “self-confessed and proud intellectual” went on to excel in science at school – and joined the RAG committee at university.

Love Reading explains that grown-up George is now a “highly active aid worker, often seen initiating charity fundraising events, such as foodie nights and craft fairs.”

Don’t worry, he has an “undivided interest in medicine” and big plans for his future; he aspires to “adopt the position of the Minister of Health one day.”

Mr Fox - The FantasticMr Fox

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox

“Highly intelligent, crafty yet charming, the Fantastic Mr Fox is a successful MP residing in London,” reveals Love Reading. “Occupying a sleek new-build property that, to the dismay of his neighbours, is frequently extended, Mr Fox spends most of his time hosting private parties for his immediate family and close friends.

“Fellow MPs are recurrently trying to ambush Fox. However he continues to be outlandishly one step ahead and is able to undermine them at any given opportunity.”

James Trotter - James and the Giant Peach

James Trotter

James Trotter

He travelled the world by peach, accompanied by an array of outsized bugs - so it makes sense that James grew up to find himself with a serious case of wanderlust.

“An international travel journalist, James travels the world reporting on findings of the most unusual insects across the globe,” explain the folks at Love Reading. “He holds a passion for gardening and often attends to his impressive allotment, which, of course, consists mostly of fruit.

“Writing for some of the most influential publications across the globe, James is incredibly successful within his field.”

The Grand High Witch - The Witches

The Grand High Witch

The Grand High Witch

It seems as if the Grand High Witch may have changed her child-eating ways, as, in Love Reading’s reimagined world, she owns and works “within a wig shop”.

They continue: “Not one to adopt a tactful approach, her clients can certainly expect an honest and blunt opinion. Very wealthy (no one is really sure how), she is always impeccably dressed and polished, with not one hair out of place.”

As keen-eyed fans will spot, she’s no longer wearing gloves in the picture – could it be that, after swearing off the flesh of children, her witchy characteristics (such as her claws and nostrils) faded? 




Love Reading’s predictions for the Big Friendly Giant left us feeling a little emotional, as he seemingly doesn’t have his little friend Sophie at his side anymore.

He also sounds as if he's more than a little down on his luck...

“An eccentric, unusually tall, and lean gentleman - who may be considered untidy and perhaps daunting in appearance – can be seen living in a dishevelled town house. Contrary to appearance, he holds a kind heart and is, in fact, incredibly wise.

“Frequently seen busking with an old, clearly beloved, trumpet, he also spends much of his time rooting around various food markets for unusual vegetables.

“He is often seen drinking unusual concoctions and is much loved by the children in the area, although he is renowned for being a bit of a night owl – and rather elusive, too.”

Fingers crossed that he still gets a lift from his Frogscottle, eh?

Matilda Wormwood - Matilda

Matilda Wormwood

Matilda Wormwood

Matilda was, as we all knew,  “the ultimate creative who took her schooling very seriously" - but what did she go on to do next?

While we imagined her as an author, or a journalist, or both, it seems as if she took a different path - although one still suited to her inner bookworm.

Love Reading explains: "A keen reader, she spent many years working at her local library and organising book groups.

“Matilda now owns an independent book shop that encourages children to read as much as possible, all while providing her loyal customers with personal book recommendations.” 

Willy Wonka - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka may have gifted his chocolate factory to Charlie Bucket, but he didn’t stop creating delicious goodies.

As Love Reading explains, he travels around the world in an elaborate ice cream van, “delivering weird and wonderful homemade chocolates, sweets and candyfloss in bright and colourful packaging.”

Describing him as “something of a tourist attraction”, the man who used to hide away from the public inside his factory is now “loved by children and adults alike”, with fans, desperate to catch a glimpse of him, forced to “guess where his next visit and venture will take place”.

Why? Because, as ever, he maintains an air of mystery; “no one is sure of where he is from or even where he resides on a permanent basis.”

Mr and Mrs Twit - The Twits

Mr and Mrs Twit

Mr and Mrs Twit

Guess who made it big?

“An internet sensation, the Twits write a blog that presents odd and unique household tips and hacks, often with recipes for homemade concoctions using rare ingredients,” explains Love Reading.

“The Twits house a number of unusual pets that are normally seen in zoos and farms, much to the dismay of their neighbours. They spend much of their time at home, and rarely leave the house.”


roald dahl cocktail recipes.jpg

Roald Dahl cocktails are here and they're far from revolting

Dinner at The Twits Bompas and Parr Show - photo by Addie Chinn.jpg

Now you can go for a disgusting dinner at Mr and Mrs Twit's house


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