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Your Christmas disaster stories revealed


A while back, Stylist appealed for your Christmas disaster stories, from burnt turkey to soberly regretted snogs and rows over Trivial Pursuit.

In the spirit of solidarity - and to celebrate this week's cover story on how to avoid a cr*ppy Christmas - we asked you to share your anecdotes about catastrophes of Christmases past, from the hilarious to the downright embarrassing.

We were overwhelmed by the response: you wrote in in your droves on both email and Twitter, sportingly airing all your dirty laundry with regards to drunken Santas, frozen pipes, cats eating the turkey and more.

Below, we've selected some of the best stories - so read, enjoy and remember, you're not alone if you happen to find Christmas something of a challenge.

On that note, don't forget to check out our selection of top tips for surviving Christmas: crucial reading as the festive season begins in earnest.

Your Christmas disaster stories

From Ezara

"Last year was the first year my partner and I spent Christmas together and he came to my house. I promised him a world of loveliness, and what ensued was so not! Due to frozen pipes, the water went for four days, leaving us all a little too dirty for festive cheer! Try making a Christmas dinner with no water! Plus, our ancient house is heated by hot water, so it was pretty chilly! My parents had a massive row over my Dad losing the key to our "Santa Storage" under the stairs. This resulted in me taking the door off the hinges at 12.30pm on Christmas Eve so as not to ruin Santa for my little sister. My parents didn't speak to each other properly until Boxing Day. I ended up getting horrendously ill with a chest infection. Hallucination and fever followed. So my poor boyfriend was pretty much left washing in a bucket, on his own as I was ill in bed with fighting In-laws! We're going to his house this year and I'm hoping it will be much calmer!"

My parents had a massive row over my Dad losing the key to our 'Santa Storage' under the stairs

From Pam

"Ok so here's an epic Christmas Card Fail that managed to get me speaking live to Huw Stevens on Radio 1 and sharing it with the nation: I was writing my Christmas cards while watching TV, feeling excited and in the festive mood. After about an hour (drawing holly and other little Christmassy doodles in each card), as I was writing the last card from the box of 30, it suddenly dawned on me that in every single Christmas card I had written 'Happy Birthday' ... I was absolutely mortified and so annoyed at myself I just chucked them all out then had a laugh about it - my mates on Facebook and the online Twitter world (I'm @SpamellaB) had a field day and loved my 'stupid' story. I do things like this a lot!! So yes, I hope you enjoyed my embarrassing Christmas fail. I wrote them all out again and concentrated this time!!"

From Natalie

"I was 20 and I was doing my first ‘real’ job in a ten month contract at a public sector organisation. So there I was. My first Christmas party! I believed I was enjoying myself in conversing, musing and laughing with my peers. With new-found confidence, I decided to leave my peers and poke into conversation with senior management. Because hey – I need to get noticed. And what better time than in the period of festive cheer. I had it planned. I would hang in their circle. I would quip something amazingly sharp in response to their conversation. I would be charming. I would be a vision of youthful talent.

Taking my glass of Shiraz (choosing a red wine over a Pinot, I thought, made me look that little bit more serious) I walked over with an air of perceived grace. I squeezed my shoulders in between five standing men and women discussing...something probably very important. At that point, the volume of the music grew louder. The recognisable introduction of Nat King Cole’s ‘Merry Christmas’ sang in the background. “This song is a misrepresentation of Christmas”. I piped. Two men stopped to glance at me. “Sorry?” I should have taken this opportunity to stop. To stop, to cease, to halt the tirade of verbal crap I was about to... “I SAID THIS SONG IS A MISREPRESENTATION OF CHRISTMAS”

Mum drunkenly fell downstairs while 'being Santa' & broke her finger

The crowd of senior managers soon pricked their ears and faced to look at me. Their attentive ears eager to hear how I would justify slagging off a Christmas classic. “Err...How?” I retorted self righteously, “Jack Frost nipping at my nose? First of all - who is this Jack Frost? Why is he nipping at me? “Second of all, don’t characterise the cold. The snowman melts in the end. Aled Jones drops his balls and never makes another record. It’s all very sad proving that no good can come from personalising weather." Some senior managers had the courtesy to laugh politely. Others were wondering who the Christmas song tyrant was. Some merely retorted: “I think somebody should take her home.” I eventually did go home; shame-faced and rather drunk. Once the shame subsided, my rant eventually became a source of amusement in the office. This quelled my fears that it would, instead, get me the sack. In fact my contract was extended. And I can’t help but judge them for that."

Your Christmas disaster stories: on Twitter

@StylistMagazine When I was 8ish Dad gave me a purple fleece cap & I cried all morning because I felt bad for not liking it #crapchristmas

@stylistmagazine Last year was the most #crapchristmas - got snowed in at gatwick airport and M&S ran out of food! Got home 3 days later...

@StylistMagazine When I was 8, I opened everyone's presents. Everyone else remembers this except me, as I blanked it out. #crapchristmas

@stylistmagazine #crapchristmas woke up one year to yummy smell filling house...oven timer had gone wrong and turkey was fully cooked at 7am

@StylistMagazine woke up on Christmas eve and found the cat had eaten half the turkey, was not fun finding a new one! #crapchristmas

Woke up on Christmas eve and found the cat had eaten half the turkey

@StylistMagazine When i was 4, fall down in just-bleached stairs Spent Xmas eve at the ER, no major damages at the end pffeew #crapchristmas

@StylistMagazine Craving biscuits but been summoned to 10days of diet torture. Talk about crap timing #crapchristmas

@StylistMagazine I went on a cruise with my mum in the Caribbean, got pneumonia and missed most of my holiday #crapchristmas

@StylistMagazine #crapchristmas Awake from 4am too excited, finally allowed to wake 4 yr old son at 7am who told me to go back to bed!

@StylistMagazine Mum drunkenly fell downstairs while 'being Santa' & broke her finger. That shattered all our Santa dreams :( #CrapChristmas



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