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NYFW: Wedding Night Hair - Zac Posen

  • New York Fashion Week Beauty Blog
  • New York Fashion Week Beauty Blog

NYFW: Wedding Night Hair - Zac Posen

LIVE: #NYFW Day 2 - Zac Posen

08 Sep 2013

DAY 2: SUNDAY backstage At New York Fashion Week

Wedding night hair at Zac Posen.

Stylist Beauty Editor Sam Flowers is backstage at New York Fashion Week to bring you the beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2014, as well as report the latest products, expert tips and insider gossip.


Wow. Zac Posen really knows how to do Spring. Step into his couture like, romantic world for a moment...


Hair stylist Odille Gilbert described the hair as "wedding night hair, moments after the marriage has been consumated." She tonged pieces then mussed it up with her fingers and a can of dry shampoo to get a dusty texture before pinning random pieces up with tiny silk flowers Posen had made.

"It's easy, anyone can do it," she told me. "Try it tonight." I will Odile I promise. Once I get my hands on those hair pins I'll be all over this look.


Make-up artist Kabuki wanted to add a graphic element to Posen's otherwise romantic look so encircled the eyes with a dark liquid liner smudged under the lash line before adding short lashes (MAC #43 lashes) to add a third element in-line with the voluminous dresses.

A palette of warm nudes on the skin and an orangey pink lip let the eyes do the talking.


Make-up artist Kabuki puts his shin pads on - this man means business. He'll get that makeup applied by any means - even if it means kneeling on the floor.

Above right:From first show of the day, to the last - Coco Rocha is one busy supermodel.


270 degree view

Courtesy of Lindsey Wixson...

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Yes, pretty


No, too messy

Backstage Photos: Taken on the compact HTC One Mini with HTC Zoe™

Additional images: Getty Images, Rex Features

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