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PFW: Sophisticated mohicans at Issey Miyake

Paris Fashion Week Beauty Blog

PFW: Sophisticated mohicans at Issey Miyake

LIVE: #PFW Day 1 - Issey Miyake

27 Sep 2013

DAY 1, FRIDAY: A high-maintenance take on the punk classic at Issey Miyake.

Stylist Beauty and Features Writer Anita Bhagwandas is backstage at Paris Fashion Week to bring you the beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2014, as well as report the latest products, expert tips and insider gossip.


Wella's super stylist Eugene Souleiman went for a natural post minimalist modern look that he's calling the sophisticated Mohican.

The girls all had long hair which was French twisted (we are in Paris after all) with a waterfall between the pleats.

Eugene holding court with the backstage beauty journalists, above

"Is it easy to do yourself?" one journalist asked. "No," Eugene replied.

We can't imagine ever being able to create this at home.


We love Alex Box, and using an ethereal MAC palette she perfected a look she called a "a memory of make-up.

The skin is bathed in innocent white light that's delicate and pure. It's make up that's been applied and removed." Four neutrals are used to create a dewy wash to the eyes, kissing the skin in light.


Paris in autumn...

Backstage attire has a medical vibe...

Don't miss our updates from Fashion Week and the beauty looks behind the scenes in our Fashion Week Beauty Blog. You can also leave us a message in the comments section below or @StylistBeauty

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