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Ice Bra Launches In Japan


Office air-conditioning playing up? Fear not, the ice bra has arrived.

It's structured cup shape tips a nod to Jean Paul Gaultier's famous cone bustier, but that's where the fashion references end for Triumph Japan's "Super Cool Bra" - perhaps unsurprisingly, the world's first ice bra.

Inexplicably adorned with sealife, the alternative bra features built-in ice packs, a mini fan, a mini ladle - so the wearer can pour cold water over herself - and the novel additions of a wind chime and a sprig of mint to "produce a coolness in sense of small and hearing".

And in case the wearer's still hot underneath her glacial undergarments, there's room to stash a mint sweet and a pouch filled with salt - which the company points out is lost through sweating.

Walking around with ice-packs strapped to your chest may seem stiff and heavy, but Triumph insists the bra's cool gel remains soft even when frozen.

The lingerie was launched as part of Japan's famous "Cool Biz" energy saving campaign, which in the past has encouraged stiff public servants to wear Hawiaan shirts and flip-flops to the office.

Hot weather should not stand in the way of matching underwear, so the firm launched the bras alongside these "cooling" skirts, made of mosquito nets and bamboo blinds.

Would you ever be hot enough to wear an ice bra? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, or in the comments section below the video.

Words: Anna Pollitt. Pictures: Triumph Japan