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This wedding range has a pretty dismal message for brides-to-be

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Wedding personalisation is a lucrative business.

Depending on how many nuptials you’ve been involved with, one look at your own wardrobe might confirm the fact: hen t-shirts, bridesmaid sashes, a dressing gown or two with ‘best woman’ on the back. Perhaps a couple of champagne glasses in the kitchen cupboard tell a diamanté story of wedding morning duties; perhaps you own a pair of shoes with soles dedicated to your beloved.

However, one online retailer has been criticised for the leggings it has promoted as a “must-have” for brides everywhere – emblazoned with such legends as: “Slimming down for the gown”.

As cosmopolitan.com reports, UK-based brand YouStatement’s range – called ‘wedding excitement leggings’–  includes workout leggings with slogans including “sweating for the dress”, “gotta squat before I tie the knot”, “I won’t quit til the dress fits” and “training to be a trophy wife”.

bride leggings weight

Of course, however you want to look on your wedding day is up to you: whether that involves losing weight or toning up is your own business.

But many a bride-to-be will report that there’s often an expectation that they will want to transform themselves by losing a significant amount of weight, no matter their size or shape – presumably because their husband or wife will decline to become so if they reach the end of the aisle and see their beloved looks exactly the same as they always have.

bride wedding shaming weight leggings

Seeing the gym-wear messages as an endorsement of that idea, some took to social media to express their disappointment with the company.

Responding to stylist.co.uk, the company said in a statement that it was “immensely proud” of the range, and that it was prompted by requests from their “community” – adding that it was designed to help women “look their best” by slimming down.

“These leggings, like many of our leggings designs available, came from requests by our community, who wanted a special way to tell the world about their upcoming wedding whilst gaining motivation to look their best on their big day.

“We agree with our community that your wedding day is an important day, and many women feel like they would like to look their best for themselves, their family and of course, the photographers.

“Our ‘slimming down for the gown’ design has been very popular and well-received by the majority who have commented how it will help give them support and motivation for their big day.”

The spokesperson continued: “We at YouStatement want to promote health and wellness (as you can see from our blog) and support the right to choose what healthy and happy is for you. If our customers feel like they would benefit from the motivation that these leggings provide and that they will ultimately help them achieve their goal of losing a few pounds for their big day, we are immensely proud that this design, along with the healthy advice provided for free in our blog, can help.

“We support the freedom to choose, and whilst ‘slimming down’ may be offensive to some, it may provide support and motivation to many who, for health reasons, need to lose weight.

“We have already received hundreds of positive comments, many of thanks, for this design and will continue to offer it as an option to our customers.”

Images: YouStatement / Pro Image Photography



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