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Christmas gift guide 2014; what to buy for your female best friend

The leading lady in your life deserves something really special for Christmas.

She's the one who's been with you through thick and thin - she gamely celebrates your job promotion with rounds of Prosecco, graciously lugs around boxes to help you move house and glibly picks up the pieces when your relationships go south. This woman deserves a medal.

But short of a glowing piece of mantle-piece candy, what you can do is treat her to something a little indulgent. Festive gifts for your female best mates should be chic and unique; the kind of thing she will cherish but would never think to splash out on herself. And yes, that does include a posh bottle of gin. 

From beautifully crafted interior pieces to bespoke statement earrings and limited edition prints, come see our top present ideas for your female best friend and raise a cheer to the womanhood everywhere. 



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