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From chocolate brownies to fresh flowers and coffee beans, unique letterbox gifts to delight your loved ones with this Christmas

Is there any joy more spontaneous than receiving a present through your letterbox?

In an age of instant messaging and casual Facebook shout-outs, there's something undeniably romantic and niche about a beautifully wrapped and slender package landing on your doormat. It shows the sender really cares - and there's always the added bonus of it not being a mobile phone bill or overdraft notice.

A growing number of companies, such as Hobbs House Bakery and Bloom & Wild, are catering to this trend with bespoke letterbox-shaped gifts. Then there's the presents that just conveniently happen to be small enough to send via the post (gin tasting kits, we're looking at you).

Behold our favourite letterbox treats to surprise someone with this Christmas. Come spread the postal love! 

Please note: all prices quoted include postage and delivery costs, as according to each individual supplier. Most gifts will fit through a standard sized letterbox, but if you're unsure check with the brand in question



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