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London Fashion Week Beauty Blog


Stylist's beauty team Anita and Sam are blogging backstage from London Fashion Week. Check back daily to read their updates from the Spring/Summer 2013 shows.

Photos: Taken on HTC One S with instant image capture and Beats Audio™

Selfridges pit stop!

Fashion week is frantic bubble of fun, but afterwards, team Stylist Beauty were really feeling the effects. Our brows were untamed (really, mine were terrifying) and our nails looking less than polished, so we popped into Selfridges to visit their new Beauty Workshop for a little stress-relief and pampering.

Jo stopped in for a Victoria Gel Manicure at Nails Inc with the lovely Roma, whose cuticle work is second to none. Judging from Jo's perfectly shorn nail beds afterwards, you can really tell she’s the expert! Jo’s jetting off to Poland for a wedding this weekend, so it’s perfect timing for this gorgeously gothic nail shade.

I opted for a threading session with Sonal at Blink. Having previously gone a little pluck-happy on my own eyebrows (when will I learn to leave it to the experts) mine were patchy and two completely different shapes. And now? Truly, they’ve never looked so good. I’m so happy with their shape, and the brilliant Sonal gave me plenty of brow advice to help them grow. Perfect timing for AW12’s big brow trend.

Finally, brows I can be proud of...

Blink, my saviour!

Post brow shape I had a little wander around the newly revamped beauty hall. There really is every brilliant niche brand under the sun contained in one manageable location. Beauty junkies, you seriously need to pay this place a visit. I found my favourite OCC Lip Tars in every shades, and stockpiled seven of them. (Excessive, I know, but so too is my love of OCC!)

Try before you buy? This is the best idea ever for finding your perfect lashes. Jinny Lash bar,this is utter, unfounded GENIUS!

Come and join us next week at the incredible Beauty Workshop in Selfridges. Joanna McGarry will be on hand to answer questions, and you'll get to experience the wonder of the Beauty Workshop for yourselves. Tickets are available from here.

Aaaaaaaand, we're done!

LFW is over for another season.

But we’re not done yet. I’m off to Milan on Thursday. Check back for all the backstage goings on at MFW!



PS – Tweet us if you’ve seen us driving around London #StylistSantaFe

Thank you

We couldn’t have got through LFW without copious amount of Berroca, Diet Coke (and other caffeine) and of course Paul the driver and the Stylist Santa Fe (So sorry Paul, you got lumbered with us when you could have been driving these Storm models...)

....and these seriously healthy Nosh detox boxes that we saw the models munching on backstage.

Club kids make the world go round - you've got to love London and it's boldness. Can any other city compare?

Tuesday 18th - Ashish

Oh to be an Ashish girl!

MAC are doing a collaboration with the Archies, an old-school American comic about a group of teenagers in a band and their various love triangles and hi-jinks. It's not that well known over here (like the geek that I am, I actually used to collect them) but think of it in similar terms to the Beano. Cool stuff MAC chaps, so excited for when this collection drops next year!

Geeks rule supreme! Yeah, that does say 'suck my cervix.' (Wonder if it's in homage to Bikini Kill's seminal riot-grrrl track 'Suck My Left One.')

Marian Newman's half silver half nude affair. From one angle they're nude, from another they're silver.

Ah, the scrunchie. It divides opinion so, as we found out when we blogged and tweeted about it last season to a barrage of frenzied Tweets berating it's comeback. Meanwhile., MAC's Georgina Graham created her own blue lashes (using mixing medium and blue pigment), and allied them with sugary pink frosted lips, in tribute to 'our first teenage forays into the make up world'. I remember trying a similar look aged 13 and looking FAR less cool.

And we're done, our last show of the season. Guys, it's been a pleasure and a privilege. I'd like to thank my mum, my dad, my first cat Annie, Jon Bon Jovi for inspiring my first hair do and all the fabulous make-up artists, hair stylists, driver Paul (thanks for looking after me when Fash-Week flu took it's treacherous hold), HTC, and everyone involved for making it a super fun, super exciting season. See you in Feb!

-Anita x

Tuesday 18th - Meadham Kirchoff

Beautiful re-imagined pre-raphaelite curls at Meadham Kirchoff by the brilliant hair stylist James Pecis. MAC's Florrie White created one of our favourite looks of the season, using strategically placed crystals (positioned where the light catches most) alongside a strong blusher-heavy concept, using lipstick rather than powder blush. It's such a theatrical and breathtakingly beautiful look; but a huge contrast to the drag-queen inspired make-up at last season's Meadham Kirchoff show. (Which we also loved!)

Nails by Nail Rock. These will be released in store...form an orderly queue after me! I love a little bling.

Getting ready to go! The models do a run through and I, er, run through the hall to my next show.

- AB

Five minutes with hair stylist Christopher Appleton

We kept bumping into one-to-watch Chris ( I mean literally, he’s 12ft tall) everywhere backstage at LFW as he assisted some of the best Stylists in the biz on a plethora of shows in the LFW chaos. We grabbed him amidst the Meadham Kirchoff madness for a snapshot of his LFW life:

What time did you get up this morning?

5.45, I was prepping with Malcolm Edwards for his NY shows. The days have started merging into one. What day is it? Where am I? (laughs)

And when do you finish, generally?

Around 12pm, so it’s a full on few days. Luckily I’m not doing Milan and Paris so I’m a little more chilled this season. But it’s never more than a few hours sleep – if you’re lucky.

What keeps you going?

Coconut water! I think it’s the new Vitamin Water. That, and coffee. I’m running on pure adrenaline now, you have to almost become an actor backstage. If you’re not on your game you’ll get a bit pushed around in the madness. So even if you’re exhausted, you can’t show it.

How was working on Meadham Kirchoff? It’s an elaborate look!

It’s always different to any other show, that’s what makes it so interesting and totally ‘London'. This is such a diverse city, and many of the other looks we’ve done so far were quite undone and natural – it’s great to work on something more intricate.

How do you keep calm when stress takes over?

I just ring home and speak to my two children, it brings me straight back down to earth. You definitely need a reality check during fashion week.

What’s going to be big for SS13 in the world of hair?

Undone 90’s hair. It’s not grungy, exactly. More natural and less product with plenty of texture. Less, is more.

What’s your ultimate hair tip for beautiful tresses?

Deep conditioning. Use oils overnight to keep your hair glistening and nourished. Put the love back into your hair, haha.

Finally, what soundtrack ahs kept you going during LFW?

Er, slightly embarrassed to admit this but the newest Florence And The Machine album. It’s been a lifesaver this week!

Thanks Chris, get some rest!

Will do, you guys too!


Tuesday 18th - Emilio De La Morena

Backstage at the Emilio De La Morena show, held at Home House, the look was a undone up-do by Luke Hersheson with a clip haphazardly thrown in at the front, made my Emilio himself. the backstage area was actually a bedroom, as you can imagine, it was small, hot and very crowded!

Backstage/bedroom. Delete as appropriate.

The TV doubles up as a make up station. When space is limited eh?

- AB

New Foundation Love

Sneak peak at the new MAC Mineralize foundation we've heard so much about that's out next year!. Silky smooth skin in a bottle. Mega-want! -AB

Tuesday 18th - Mulberry

Good Morning and welcome to Mulberry. Let's go inside...

The models' view from behind the catwalk. Rest assured I didn't actually walk down it. (SF)

Subtle hint to the dressers...

The Mulberry girls look as gorgeous as ever. Matthias Van Hoof gave them a blunt edged line (the feline flick is officially dead) using a combo of L'Oreal Paris gel and liquid liners.

Sam McKnightg diffused, plaited, twisted and pinned. Effortlessly beautiful.

Monday 17th - Pam Hogg

You never quite know what to expect with Pam Hogg. She’s known for being a little erratic, creating a tense backstage atmosphere and, well, not being entirely welcoming to press. But we did manage to hide behind corners and sneak through backstage to get a few pictures of the looks for her show. Stealth mission ahoy....

The hair look by Toni and Guy. Pam later decided she wanted more volume in the front.

Models in 'eating' shocker! It is salad, mind.

Check out this amazing frow - Marky Ramone, Bobby Gillespie and Nick Cave - Rock 'n' Roll elite!

Alice Dellal during the run through (Stylist Beauty may have a small girl crush on her.)

Up close and personal with Alice. This probably isn't a look for the office.

Loving the sign...

Nick Cave returning a pom pom that fell off a model's shoe!

Pam and Nick

Sam from The Body Shop's make up team had THE BEST rainbow hair.


Monday 17th - Burberry

It was surprisingly calm backstage at Burberry as Wendy Rowe and Neil Moodie put their teams through their paces.

In a surprising departure from the norm, the girls were sporting a flirty, matte red lip pencilled darker at the edges (modelled beautifully here by Constance) by Wendy. Take note: come Spring, we'll all be sporting Burberry Lip Velvet in Siren.

Check out Cara D getting her highlights done backstage. According to Neil Moodie, "she's got bad roots going on."

Neil prepped hair with a cocktail of Bumble and Bumble Prep and Thickening Sprays drying with his hands, parting on the side and taking the tongs to it.

This is my look for SS13 (SF)

LFW Arm Party

This is the wrist of somebody that's been to a lot of shows today.

Monday 17th - Mark Fast

Ooh baby, baby, b-baby, baby.

Salt 'n' Peppa are behind the look for Mark Fast SS13.

Where to start?

Nick Irwine spent 15 hours dry shampooing all these wigs using using the Catwalk by TIGI range to get a dry enough texture to be able to shear them into these lampshade shapes.

David Barton filed nails into 45 degree, slightly curved angles. Basically nails shaped like a bullet of lipstick. Fierce.

Maybelline New York Master Smokey Liner in Navy 'cupped' the under eye as Sharon Dowsett handed girls their own mascaras and told them to layer it on, 'the messier the better,' before swiping Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold up to the temple.

FYI: apparently Charlotte Free is a dab hand at at putting on makeup. Sharon usually only let's the models do their own mascara but Charlotte is allowed to do her own eyeliner too.

This is Mark's mood board :

All That Glitters

Spotted: Mac PR Brona's nails.

Get the same effect by using a makeup sponge to apply gold over black. Nice. (SF)

Monday 17th - Giles

Best passes of the season. FACT.

The backstage area at Giles is always frantic, with a colossal 58 girls walking his show. But, how beautiful is the room? This is probably our favourite venue of the season, and, so close to the Stylist office too!

MAC's Lucia Pieroni's neon lip was playful but groomed, and hinted at a little youthful arrogance. And, another neon lip this season. (Trend! Trend!)

Marian Newman, the queen of nails, told me that bright pink was the best shade for anyone who didn't like their nails. "It's a smokescreen" she adds.


Monday 17th - Richard Nicoll

This lovely model was sat having her make-up done by Mel Arter for Max Factor, as Mel explained that the look was athletic, and five minutes before the show they going to 'pinch' the models cheeks to give them a healthy post-sport flush. The model quipped: "Beetroot does the same thing. I tried it the other day when I had a salad!"

Mel's moodboard and that amazing neon lip. We've seen a few of those so far. I smell a trend!

Shon created an athletic ponytail using L'Oreal Paris producs fusing plenty of contrasting textures. He roughly tied it up, then flat ironed the ponytail to keep it sleek and ultra cool.

A floor plan for the show...

Fashion is a precise art - this guy is measuring the gaps between the benches.


Monday 17th - Louise Gray

MAC artist James O'Riley created a Siouxie-Sioux style experimental punk look with tones of blue and peach. We're liking the brow-crowns, although not a look to recreate trying to do one's make-up on the 73 bus.

Colours for everyone - we love MAC!

Chill time whilst the models go for a practice run-through. The stylists wait anxiously to see whether the make-up and hair works well, or, needs to be changed last minute.

The final look! Sam McKnight's reference was a LA rockabilly punk girl. Experimental was a word that kept cropping up as he talked us through the look. Then, he just disappeared - as the massive hairstyle he'd just painstakingly created appeared to engulf him.

(Not really, jokes!)

- AB

Monday 17th - Erdem

This is why beauty journalists love make-up artist Andrew Gallimore. He hands out makeup crib sheets at all of his shows. Thanks Andrew. (SF)

Marc Trinder teaches Stylist to do Erdem SS13 hair

Took a shortcut through Selfridges Beauty Workshop from Christopher Kane to Erdem. Check it out. (SF)

Monday 17th - Christopher Kane

Two minutes with Christopher Kane

It's an hour to go until the show starts, describe how you're feeling?

Relieved, excited, anxious. It's another season.over. There's no time for nerves backstage its too busy. I'm just trying to enjoy it. Backstage is my favourite part. I love the buzz.

Tell us a bit about this collection...

Were using new fabrics, new techniques. Each season gets bigger and better. The technology were using now allows us to rebuild our archive again.

How about the hair, last season it was described as 'pretty' and this season...

Yeah, this is probably a reaction to what we did last season. I wanted to amp it up a notch. Anthony Turner just gets it and TIGI products gave us the tougher look we wanted to achieve.

What time were you here until last night?

6.15am this morning! I woke up at 8.30am and had a massive panic that I'd slept in and missed the show!

Wow. I bet you're running on coffee this morning.

On skinny lattes and adrenaline. I haven't even eaten yet.

What will you be doing to celebrate after the show?

Going straight home to bed. Although were only across the road from Selfridges so I might have to nip in there first. (SF)

Doing a complete 180 turn away from the undone prettiness of last season, Anthony Turner decided to de-glamorise the collection by giving hair a twisted, tougher edge. He combed through tonnes of TIGI Catwalk Session Series Wetlook Gel and then pulled the hair into a low pony, you could be mistaken for thinking the models had just stepped out of the shower.

Monday 17th - David Koma

David Koma is clearly a tennis fan. His collection was inspired by the Seventies' American Open, so hair and make-up had lots of ideas.

We're obsessed with Marian Newman's tennis net inspired nails.

Sara Lucerno used Stila Smudgestick in Empress, a white liner chalky enough to be used on an actual tennis court.

Kenna interconnected braids and ponies with a shiny strip of hair - sprayed with LOTS of GHD Shinr Spray. The effect? A chic-looking sweat band.

Fashion Week Flu

I will be entirely sponsored by these delicious treats today. The Berroca tastes like Um Bongo. Doubt they drink it in the Congo, though. -AB

Monday 17th - Michael van der Ham

Prim American schoolgirls were the order of the day at MVDH.

The girls styled by hairdresser Luke Hersheson look like they've walked straight out of a Seventies Timotei advert.

Must Have Brown: a mushroomy taupe cream shadow was blended over lids with a pop of Digit shadow to finish.

Monday 17th - Antonio Berardi

That incredible Revlon baby blush stick - mark March in your diaries ladies, that's when it comes to the UK!

Revlon Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman works her make-up magic in homage to a 90's Helmut Lang girl; expensive, healthy looking and utterly divine. She's the girl you want to be, especially with the neon nails adding a rebellious edge.

- AB

Sunday 16th - Jonathan Saunders

Loving this spread at Jonathan Saunders. (Dinner sorted then!)

The model sheet - spot Jourdan Dunn bottom row

Vampish glossy lips and dark smudgy eyes in a look that MAC's Lucia Pieroni called 'seventies disco punk'.


Sunday 16th - Paul Smith

Over at Paul Smith, we saw one of our favourite models Melissa. But, it seems that Hayley from PR firm Modus loves her even more than we do!

Step-by-step hair by Peter Gray - we could get used to this...

Super-slick at the front and a messy bun at the back; it's a trend the Stylist beauty team are already big fans of. Peter sprayed hairspray directly on the brush to make sure it was evenly distributed - a trick we'll be stealing for recreating a chic ponytail.

The lovely Melissa modeling the new neon lip. It's Mac's Lady Danger ( Stylist Beauty Director Jo's red of choice!) with neon orange pigment pressed on top.

Melissa had three hours sleep and had finished four shows before coming to Paul Smith today. "I need more coffee!!!" she told me, pouring herself a cup and grabbing a brownie. Seriously hardcore.

Mr Smith himself being interviewed!


Sunday 16th - Mary Katranzou

Matte, velvet, clean linen and Nefertiti: a few of the key words being bandieyd around backstage at Mary Katranzou.

Nichola Joss was busy giving the models bodies a soft, velvety skin finish, buffing on St Tropez Wash Off Mousse with a mitt then lightly dusting a bronzing powder on top. At the same time make-up artist Val Garland was mixing blue and red Mac lipmix to create a 'ballpoint blue' inky eye colour.

A few days earlier, colorist Josh Wood had taken a few girls into the hallowwed haven of his salon, known as the Atelier, to give them the Wella Illumina treatment. 'Clean, premium, real looking hair colour that sparkles," said Josh. 'I'm calling it the crisp linen effect.'

Wella's Eugene then pulled hair up off the face and twisted it into something that, in his words, resembled Egyptian queen Nefertiti crossed with a cycling helmet.

And nails? I can tell you that they were, again, nude. Even Marian Newman herself couldn't believe it as she blended Mac Cream Delicate and Faint of Heart proclaiming the SS13 nude nail, 'the biggest nail trend I've ever encountered in 15 years of working on nails backstage.' Looks like you'd better watch her exclusive Stylist nude nail video again then... SF

Sunday 16th - Staying in the 212 (and other parts of the US)

A sneaky, very exciting peek at rapper Azaelia Banks' collaboration with MAC. It's not available this side of the Atlantic I'm afraid -AB

Sunday 16th - Acne

Monochrome madness has skipped over the Atlantic. Last week's Marc Jacobs show in NYC featured black-and-white make-up and today in London Acne girls were sporting simple, graphic lines. There was no need for care, as Lisa Butcher was roughly drawing random black and white dashes across lids using Nars Larger Than Life eye pencils.

Sunday 16th - Topshop Unique

Two minutes with Claire Holland, Topshop Unique Bag and Accessory Designer

Tell me about your look today?

Today I'm wearing a dress from Unique's last collection. The bangles and earrings are pieces from this collection.

I love your lipstick..

Thanks, it's my new favourite. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned.

How long have you been here?

About six hours. I didn't get to bed until 2am. A last minute decision to cut all the straps off the bags and have them tucked under the models' arms instead meant I was in the office until late.

The look at Topshop Unique was Nineties' grunge combined with pretty punk. Hannah Murray smudged two pink Topshop Makeup cream blushers onto lids (Flush and Prime Time) using her finger to press a shimmery pale pink powder shadow on top.

Watch her explain how she did it here :

Sunday 16th - Olivia, Olivia

I want her hair. (SF)

Sunday 16th - Margaret Howell

Early doors at Margaret Howell. Click below to hear how Bumble and Bumble's Neil Moodie created the 'boyish braided bun'. (SF)

Sunday 16th - Matthew Williamson

Matthew, how are you?

I’m alright, two hours to go, so a little nervous actually!

What time did you get up?

I went to bed about 2am last night, we were fitting until quite late. Four hours sleep and up at 6am. I was panicking about shoes and last minute things. But I’m raring to go!

What did you have for breakfast?

I had half a croissant. Not very glamorous. Ha ha.

What was your first thoughts this morning

Will my shoes hold up? There’s a little issue with the ways the shoes are being constructed but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

What scent are you wearing?

I haven’t got anything on, no time to think about cosmetics today!

How nervous are you on a scale of 1-10

Eleven. It never gets easier, just more intense because there’s more at stake.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Santigold is on my catwalk soundtrack and the first track to the show is Two Dots by Lusine. It’s a brilliant track.

What will you be doing after the show?

I’m going to have a serious power nap. We’ve got a party tonight so having a rest and bracing myself for a dance later.

Give me three words to describe the collection

Uplifting, exotic and modern.

Any overriding themes?

There’s an Indian theme. I’m constantly inspired by India, but I haven't based a collection on it in the last 15 years. So now is the time!

How involved are you with the hair and make-up looks?

I’m fundamentally involved with the hair and make-up. I really want to get the look right: it’s the finishing touch to the outfits and makes all the difference. The make-up is a clean, dewy, modern fresh-skin look. That’s what my girl would wear with the clothes, it wouldn’t be a full face of make-up. The hair is a do but looks like she’s done it herself.

Thanks Matthew, have a great show.

Will do! Check out that Lusine track, you’ll love it.


Sunday 16th - Latte wars

Mine's bigger than yours...

Sunday 16th - Temperley

There is an Itsu backstage at Temperley. #Win

When your hair looks this good, who cares about your body!

Malcolm Edwards in action during the frantic backstage prep: the hair look is a re -worked Fifties' updo. Very Audrey Hepburn combined with a little East London nonchalance.

The many faces of Alice Temperley.


Sunday 16th - Vivienne Westwood

The Vivienne Westwood show is always a highlight of the season. Lady Viv didn't disappoint...behold, zombie Marilyn, otherwise known as the lovely Charlotte Free.

Outside the venue, a group of unsuspecting tourists don't realise that in approximately 10 minutes, the entire place will be flooded with colourful Westwood-ites. Brace yourselves guys.

Marian Newman tells me that the nail wraps are inspired by original Fifties' coral shades in a medium-long shape, with oval crescents. We've seen a fair few longer-length nails this season, it's a return to feminine elegance, and we like it!

Alice Dellal is happy. Despite what this picture suggests.

A brief moment of down time...

The inspiration for hair and make up; a combination of Marilyn, Debbie Harry, Elizabeth Taylor and the Queen!

These wigs took seven hours to prep last night the hair team told us!


Sunday 16th - Matthew Williamson

We managed to get a sneaky peak of the catwalk at Matthew Williamson.

(These muffins were good, by the way.)

The lovely Benefit team getting prepped and ready!

Just fell over this cable. Occupational hazard of backstage area and fairly embarrassing!

I made a new friend on my travels. The lovely Matthew Williamson himself!

The MW look is a bohemian traveller, natural skin that radiates health and ounces of smudged in Benefit Bad Gal liner in Expresso on the lower lash line. Such a wearable look, and we've seen a heavy focus on the lower lash line this season.

And finally, Benefit artist Lisa Potter Dixon gives me serious nail envy.


Sunday 16th - the sound of backstage

Backstage at the shows there's usually somebody's iPod playing a selection of awesome music. It's usually barely audible above the clattering of make-up brushes, the whirr of the hairdryers and the raised voices of, well, everyone. But this year I've taken note of what's been on the backstage stereo. Here's the somewhat eclectic playlist:

Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight

Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

Edith Piaf - La Foule

Rihanna - S&M

Grimes - Oblivion

Skrillex - Bangarang

Sunday 16th - Marios Schwab

At Marios Schwab the hair and make-up borrowed Native American influences. Yesterday's easy, breezy Californian vibe was a mere memory and Anthony Turner plugged in the straighteners and got work. Not a blonde in sight, each girl was given a liberal dosage of extensions which were, in turn deeply conditioned with Loreal Proffessionnel Mythic Oil.

Val Garland explained her smokey eyes in three easy steps:

1 Define the shape using a black kohl liner.

2 Go over with a waxy, textured liner to create some stickiness.

3 Finish with a dusting of a matte, black powder shadow.

And then there was this list of rules...

You have been told...

Sunday 16th - Preen

Preen's return to London prompted Paul Hanlon to take hair back to it's roots. Easy, breezy hair rough dried with fingers and a little Loreal Proffessionnel Liss Control smoothing cream run through the ends. Done. SF.

A spot of early morning reading.

Everyone needs a little direction this early in the morning.

Sunday 16th - Antipodium

Mac's Georgina Graham is usually prepped with crib sheets for us beauty journos, detailing her inspiration and techniques to take away with us - she's ace like that! Georgina decided not to do that this season "I'm not going for excessive references and techniques this season, we're keeping it simple." Georgina, then, talked us through the look using her colourful vocabulary instead of her usual notes:

Georgina's Antipodium Trend Glossary:

Beautiful Nothing - "I decided not to go for research or references, I just looked at the clothes and made the concept natural and nothing. But a beautiful nothing!"

Smoosh - "I'm pushing Mac's new Bronzing Strobe Cream (see picture!) onto the face with my palms to create contour underneath the cheekbones. Like this, 'smoosh, smoosh! Er, that's not the technical term guys."

Sci-Fi - "I'm sure there's a better term for this, but that's what I'm calling this metallic skin" (Created using Opal Pigment applied to cheeks.)

Chugged the moon in a tequila shot - "That's my version of the classic beauty industry phrase 'lit from within.' It's just beautiful glowing, healthy skin like this."

Kissyface - "That's how I get the girls to pull the right face for applying a natural lip. It works!"

Healthy faces - "Girls that don't look ill, basically."

Love it Georgina, best beauty vocab of the season!

- AB

Sunday 16th - Moschino

I love a wearable backstage trend! This aquamarine eye is a simple way to introduce a little colour to your daily make-up. Along with Sam McKnight's crimped, sea-washed hair look, it's one part Studio 54, one part Little Mermaid.

Pizza time at Moschino. Not for hungry beauty journalists, unfortunately.

The most amount of people I've seen attending to anyone one model. That's seven by my count. Yikes!


Sunday 16th - Issa (and something brand new from L'Oreal...)

Walked into Issa, realised I was in the midst of an impending, volatile eruption and was ushered out (not before taking a sneaky pic, course!) An hour to go before show time and only one model done. #freakout

The bright nail colours used were picked to deliberately clash with the lips.

Although no journalists were allowed backstage, we did get a sneaky peak at a new L'Oreal mascara coming out next year. So new, that it's still to be named! Thanks to Becky from L'Oreal for modeling it!

The finished look! Make-up artist Val Garland grabbed five minutes on the backstage steps to show us her handiwork...a graphic winged out eyeliner and perfect red lip. Seriously cool combination, and brilliant update to the nude eye and red lip.


Saturday 15th - Yet more House of Holland!

Ever fancied matching your nails to your phone?

Nail artist Sophy Robson showed u show:

Saturday 15th - Holly Fullton

It was a beauty bonanza backstage at Holly Fulton. After five days of pared back beauty in New York, Andrew Gallimore was having a colour riot with his army of skater-inspired girls.

Only one product was used across the entire face - Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealer - for a matte, sun toasted effect. Using sunblock-esque shades, Andrew took lip pencil in Embrace Me around the outer line filling it in completely and painted an orange go faster stripe down the middle.

Saturday 15th - House of Holland

Who's up for a Nineties' ghetto rave?

Backstage at HOH there was a lot going on. Nichola Joss gave the girls a natural looking glow using St Tropez Wash Off Mousse before giving them a liberal dose of the freckles (watch how she does it here).

Adam Reed was whipping up soft, fuzzy, hat hair by prepping hair first with Percy and Reed hairspray, 'kissing' sections with a Babyliss styling wand and then adding texture to the midlengths with Oribe Dry Texturising Spray.

To complete the look, Lucia Pica gave girls a rusty hued Smokey eye with golden highlights in the inner and outer corners.

Saturday 15th - Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn's girl was off on safari. As Sharon Dowsett added sun-blushed highlights to the higher planes of the face (using Maybelline New York Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold), Cos Sakkas was creating a 'sweaty looking yet chic' low plaited pony.

Check out Mr David Bartons tool belt... Who needs hammers when you've got nail polish?

Saturday 15th - Rag and Bone

Spare hair. Not that any of the models need it with their flowing locks - so jealous!


Oh, hi there Anna WINTOUR.

Girl crush

How beautiful is Jourdan Dunn. Epic girl crush material.

Jenny Longworth works her nail wonders for Revlon with a chic square white nail.

Revlon Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman shows us the new Revlon blusher stick. We saw this in NYFW, and are super excited for it to be launched here. It's all that the huddled throng of beauty journalists have talked about for the last hour!

Gucci's final look using Revlon. Downtown New York cool, effortlessly groomed and ultra-suave, this look is ALL about fuller brows, neutral skin and a sinfully beautiful berry stained lip. Certainly one to try at home!


Saturday 15th - So nail art is dead New York?

The nude nail was much talked about at NYC fashion week, but nail art isn't ready to go anywhere yet.

At Clements Ribeiro, Anatole Rainey's monochrome nails were made to look like a teenage girl's who, bored at school created her own fun with a marker pen and highlighter. Try it yourself with Essie nail polish in Liquorice and Blanc. (SF)

More nail art: Jenny Draper's teenage-esque nails were painted to look like they'd done them themselves. Mavala Lemon Cream and Lagoon. Cute!

Saturday 15th - Clements Ribeiro

Watch Sam McKnight as he exclusively talks us through how to create this pretty, Thirties-inspired hair.

Saturday 15th - Kinder Aggugini

Natasha Kinsky meets Holly Hobby. And then they go fishing...

Yep, that was the reference over at Kinder as Val Garland whipped up a fresh faced, outdoorsy vibe using L'Oreal Paris products.

Starting with the Nude Magique BB Cream, Val washed caramel-toned bronzer over the eyes lightly dusting it across the lids with a large brush before stippling on the BRAND NEW (can you tell how excited I am?) BB Blush. It's a universally flattering gel blush that goes on clear and adapts to suit everyone (sadly it doesn't launch until March) before taking five different shades of lip pencil and dotting on a set of perfectly natural looking faux freckles.

Love, SF

Saturday 15th - Two minutes with Val Garland

There's no designer or celebrity Val hasn't worked with and, despite her status the make-up world, she always has a smile for everyone backstage. I had a quick chat with her amidst the madness.

What time did you get up this morning?

Five am. Because it was so early I prepared my breakfast last night, it should have been a lovely Neals Yard yoghurt from Borough Market (I live right next door) but I still didn't have time to eat it.

Oh no. What did you have instead?

A couple of grapes backstage. Hopefully ill have time to grab something from Itsu for lunch between shows.

I bet you're dreaming of food at the moment.

Yes! I had the nicest dessert the other night at a restaurant called 34. It was a big chocolate ball and inside was chocolate mousse with chocolate bits that exploded in your mouth. I'm not even a dessert person but I could eat another one right now!

Saturday 15th - Daks

An early morning for everyone involved in the Daks show. Hairdresser Luke Hersheson had been there since 6am prepping clip in hair extensions to pad out the models glossy ponytails. It's very clean and modern with a low side parting. He gave each girl an invisible trim to create blunt ends. A little Loreal Proffessionnel Liss Control Plus on the ends finished off this impeccably perfect pony.

The make-up mirrored the perfection: blunt liner (pencil with gel on top) gave a graphic, modern edge to dewy skin. SF

Early call time at Daks this morning.

17 year old Mackenzie Drazan was doing her physics homework amidst the madnesa while she waited for makeup. Good luck Mackenzie!

Saturday 15th - the organisation

"Check out our ride," says Sam. "The Hyundai Santa Fe is so new there are only six of them on the roads. One for Stylist Beauty and five for Storm models. (You have to feel sorry for our wonderful driver Paul for picking the short straw!)"

"A little sneaky peak into how organised we have to be with our LFW schedule," says Anita. "Yeah, that's right. It's colour coded."

Saturday 15th

Last night Anita roamed about backstage at PPQ.

Very excited about this new BB cream for body by James Read. Tried to subtly take one on the way out...failed! [Anita! Bringing our honest name into disrepute! - Ed]

Sleek artist Kate Lindsay going for a re-imagined Twiggy look.

Hey there Renee, meet your hair for the evening.

Imagine if this was a box that contained a little horse. Just IMAGINE!


Saturday 15th - This arm has touched Rihanna

Revlon nail tech Jenny Longworth is Rihanna's right-hand (and left-hand) woman. Wonder if she went with her to get her new tattoo? SF

Friday 14 September

Felder Felder

My first London show didn't disappoint. The Felder twins can always be relied on for a hint of glam rock - upping the ante for SS13 with midnight blue liner, sparkling hair and more than a couple of arguments.

As Sharon Dowsett got to work making up Miss Charlotte Free who was fresh off the plane from NYC she talked us through the look.

A layered approach to liner, she first applied a stroke of Maybelline New York Master Smoky Eyeliner in Navy (no fifties flick here, a blunt end makes it much more modern) with a layer of black gel liner over the top. As Sharon says, "Black's a statement, and navy's an enhancer - instantly brightening the whites of the eyes"

Renound for their sisterly 'tiffs' Sharon explained how lastnight they just couldn't decide on the makeup look - one of them wanted a shiny look whilst the other wanted a more.matte, powdered look. Similarly David Barton was running around at the last minute changing the nails from matte to shiny topcoat over Rose Poudre ( Maybelline New York Forever Strong)

Poker straight hair (I told you the straightener is back) was combed through with Sebastian Shine Crafter, a sparkling gel for a glam rock edge.

Here's my take on SS13's nude nails with a New York nail bar twist. Thoughts?

Alex Brownsell at Markus Lupfer

"The look today is ethereal mermaid," Alex Brownsell tells me, as she adds the finishing touches to a silvery metallic ponytail 'fin' whilst Mac's Jo Frost painstakingly glued sequins to models eyelids. All over this look. All over it. - AB

Two seconds with Bleach's Alex Brownsell for Bumble & Bumble

When did you get up?

10. Then worked for an hour then went back to sleep. I had late night at that Ray Ban party with Primal Scream and Kim Gordon. I did her hair too!

What did you have for breakfast?

Cheese and onion crisps. That's gross isn't it? I was hungover.

What are you most excited about today?

Metallic hair, I think it's going to be big!

What are you listening to right now?

Patti Smith.

What are you doing after the show?

Going out, I need a blue WKD!!


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