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The internet has lost its collective mind over these designer shoes

carrie bradshaw gucci sock shoe.png

Last year, Gucci took on age barriers when it announced that septuagenarian Vanessa Redgrave was the new face of their 2017 campaign.

Now the luxury fashion brand is making waves on social media again – and it all revolves around their new statement shoe.

Say hello to the Ilse Sock Sandal.

Ilse Sock Sandal.

This is the Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal

Oh yes.

The official product description reads: “Add a little something extra to your look with a streamlined take on the sock-with-sandals trend that highlights glossy finishes and luscious red leather.

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Retailing for a cool £1,013 online, the product is currently only available for pre-order – and, as yet, there are no reviews on the Nordstrom website.

However, judging by reactions on Twitter, people have mixed feelings about the patent sock sandal. Incredibly, incredibly mixed feelings.

Some were confused:

Others were unnerved:

Some were angry:

Some were convinced it was all a funny, funny joke at our expense:

Or that, y’know, the folks at Gucci and Nordstrom had mixed wine and design:

And one even had a dark conspiracy theory about the shoe’s true purpose:

Yet, despite all of that, it does appear as if the socks-and-sandal trend is big news on social media at the moment.

“I totally love the sandal sock combo,” wrote one. “Life’s too short not to be comfortable while also looking good.”

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And we have a strong suspicion that Carrie Bradshaw – fictional fashionista and Gucci aficionado – would be a huge fan of the Ilse Sock Sandal.

“I couldn’t help but wonder,” she’d say, adopting a ponderous stare as she gazed into the airspace above her laptop, “if a girl in the right shoes can conquer the world, what greatness can I achieve in a pair of sock-sandals?”

By the way, the ‘sock’ part of Gucci’s newest creation can actually be removed, leaving you with a sleek and shiny red sandal.



This is big news in itself, because it ensures that you’re getting two pairs of high-end designer shoes for the price of one. One for the days when you’re in need of something incredibly chic and classic, the other for those days when you need something… well, something different.

Images: Gucci / Nordstrom / Sex and the City


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