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This new handbag range is made from pineapple leaves - and it’s stolen our hearts

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Pineapples and summer go hand-in-hand, so what better excuse to invest in the latest eco-friendly fashion trend?

The ladies behind the Finnish-Australian fashion label TAIKKA have launched a new line featuring two beautifully crafted clutch bags.

And, yes, they’re crafted almost entirely from genuine pineapple leaves.

Be still our beating hearts.

The bags have been made from the vegan material Piñatex, a sustainable, plant-based leather alternative with a ‘beautifully textured and soft tactile finish’ that, much like a classic leather bag, only gets better with age.

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Designed with the ‘busy woman in mind’, the bags come lined with a black and white cotton canvas and have been finished with a zip closure and wrist loop, keeping your summer must-haves safe and sound as you run around town.

What’s more, as Piñatex fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest, no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required for their production. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that your latest purchase is as good for the planet as it is for your style.

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Whether you keep it classic with the black, gold-studded number...

Or go for gold with the metallic option...

You can get yours here for £95.

Images: TAIKKA and instagram.com/taikkabags/



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